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  1. I have one of the C&R radiators designed by Wayne and I can attest to the high level of enginnering and craftsmanship - it's truly a work of art ( just too bad no one will ever see it). I think one would be hard pressed to do better for the money.
  2. My 99 V8 is making a single beeping tone every 30 seconds or so. The car starts and runs as it should, but continues to beep once shut down. It makes no difference whether the alarm is armed or not. The only thing I can find out of the ordinary is that the lights in the interior, trunk & bonnet do not appear to be working. Any ideas?
  3. Well done Kent - and thanks for the fantastic tutorial and photos! I've been scratching my head for awhile now on the wire routing issue. I also know exactly what you mean about cutting out the map pocket - it's a bit nerve racking taking a knife to anything on the interior of these cars. Thanks again for taking the time to document and post this project. --Doug
  4. So what's a fair purchase price on a brand new set of OZ Nova wheels? It was my understanding that these were almost impossible to find these days.
  5. Hey Kent, I would love to hear more details on how you accomplished this feat. I'm also in the process of adding a powered subwoofer to my '99 V8 and have found myself at the same juncture - how to best to tap into a suitable power and ground. Thanks, Doug
  6. In case you guys haven't run across the auction listing yet, there's a fellow selling some Esprit V8 parts on ebay - most notably a set of brand new in the box, never mounted OZ Nova wheels. Very nice guy and possibly willing to deliver, depending on your location (US listing by the way). Disclaimer - I have no connection to the seller whatsoever. I was working with him on a deal to purchase the wheels and some other parts but was sidetracked by some unforseen expenses. I would just like to see the wheels go to a good home. See the link to the auction below:
  7. Thanks David - that's fantastic information. Should be more than enough to get me headed down the right path.
  8. Glad you found the information useful Larry, as that was the intent of my post and the purpose of these boards. There was simply way too much ambiguous information out there surrounding this topic. By the way, the hub adapters are also available from another German company called Octimex. They're quite a bit more expensive though at closer to $500. I've never dealt with them, but it's nice to know that there are mulitple sources if the need arises.
  9. Ok, so I got a sweet deal on a pair of AP Racing brake calipers from the recent Lotus Parts sale (thanks again Bibs for receiving these and shipping to the US!!). Unfortunately they didn't come with mounting brackets and Lotus tells me they're no longer available. So where might one find a set of mounting brackets in the aftermarket? I would hate for these calipers to become very expensive paper weights!
  10. Ok, so let me start by saying that whoever started the rumor about Esprit airbag hub adapters not being available from Raid/Atiwe was sorely mistaken, and I’m living proof of that. In addition, the stories about difficulties shipping these wheels from Germany are also unfounded. This really doesn’t have to be as difficult as some have made out. You don’t need homemade hub adapters or group buys. The following is a brief summary of my experience with one of the most painless modifications I’ve done to my Esprit: After several months of researching my options I stumbled across a gem of a company – FVD Brombacher (yes, I’m the one that turned one of the homemade adapter providers onto this company). Porsche owners will probably recognize FVD, since they specialize mainly in performance mods for 911’s, 996’s, 997’s, etc. Conveniently, it seems Porsche owners are also fans of the Raid airbag wheels and, as such, FVD Brombacher has the largest selection I’ve found anywhere. The model that caught my eye has a flat bottom and a leather covered airbag that really finishes off the wheel nicely (see attached pics). I simply had to have this wheel, so a quick call to Rhonda at FVD and it was mine. Surprisingly, they actually had this model in stock at their Germany location. I was told FVD receives weekly shipments from their German office, so it would be in my hands in around 2 weeks. Wow, that was easy. But what about the hub adapter? Well, as it turns out Rhonda was able to source that for me as well. I thought these were not available? Not true it as it turns out. The FVD part number is 100170230, which is actually an Atiwe part number 170230. FVD obviously didn’t have that adaptor in stock though, so I had to wait an extra week for that bit. By the way, the adapter includes everything needed for the conversion, including connectors, screws, plugs, etc. It’s also painted a nice satin black color so it doesn’t stand out once installed. So how much did this cost me? $1,067 for the wheel and $320 for the adapter, for a total of $1400. So bottom line is this: if you’re looking at doing a Raid/Atiwe airbag steering wheel conversion make it easy on yourself and call Rhonda at FVD Brombacher (see her info below). She will take very good care of you. Just to be clear, I have no association whatsoever with FVD Brombacher. I simply enjoy doing business with top-notch companies who understand the concept of customer service. FVD Brombacher, Inc. Rhonda Roxburgh 5061 N.W. 13th Ave. Suite A Pompano Beach, FL 33064 Phone: 1-800-274-2220 #14 Local: 954-571-2050 #14 Fax: 954-571-2060 E-Mail: [email protected]
  11. I finally figured it out. The knobs are pressed onto splines on the shaft. Pretty simple once you know how it goes together. I just used a large spanner as a fork and after a couple of whacks from a dead blow hammer it popped right off.
  12. Still looking for assistance on this one folks. There's no setscrew or any other fastener holding the knob onto the shaft. I've taken the shaft out completely and I still can't figure out how the knob is attached. Has anyone removed the shift knob on a post '98 V8?
  13. All, I ordered a final edition gear knob as an upgrade for my '99 Esprit. Now I must figure out how to remove the existing one. Does it unthread, pull off, or something much less obvious? Has anyone done this swap who would like to share their experience? Thanks, Doug
  14. Peter,

    I just downloaded your software and would like to try it out. Here's my info:

    User ID: Doug

    PC ID: 214172288

    I tried to PM you but I couldn't get the PM to launch.



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