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  1. Hello again, Had the opportunity to properly check my belt tension this weekend, tool is an alternative for the sonar devices but same principle... Tensioned it by hand last year when the engine was out, reading now gave 110Hz so was happy enough with that. (I know on the forum it has been said that this method isn't supposed to be used for the S1 and 114Hz is the aiming figure). But belt hasn't skipped for a year and sometimes I drive it pretty hard so, I guess 110Hz is OK. Simon
  2. Thanks everyone, and to answer some questions: I'm pleased with the performance, however I still feel it should go a bit better at high revs (6k - ish). Not that I expect that much here, but those "torqueless wonder" stories don't seem to apply to mine. Indeed, should have replaced the plastic hose when I did slave and master cilinder, we'll see in the summer how it copes with the heat. Had the badge without the green leafs on order like the one showed above, but received a piece with, but OK not to worried about that. Simon
  3. Hi, I took this picture with my crappy phone when the seats were out a few months ago but it doesn't show the colour very well I'm affraid. And then there's this one in a bit more light: Hope this helps
  4. Thanks everyone for your kind words. Here some more with some other cars you might like (as do I) And together with gvy's (on the forum as well) wonderfull S2.2
  5. Been awhile and have been driving it a lot so time for some updates and pics What's been done: Carbs rebuild, balanced etc. Ignition upgrade and strobed timing Set valve clearance + fixed leaky cam boxes rebuilt rear calipers filters and fluids clutch master and slave cambelt and tensioner various bushes and rubbers Some pics of today's cruising:
  6. I seem to have the two take off pipe system on my '78 S1. One goes to the expansion tank in the back (edit: or manifold, will check tomorrow), the other goes to a lower pipe fixed to the chassis: Simon
  7. Indeed, and with help of this forum it should be ready again for some great driving soon
  8. Just rebuilt my rear brakes, so will deal with the same soon. I was going to mount them with fluid already in them anyway so the bleeding would be less of a pain.. Jonwat, I think you meant "rotating the piston 45 degrees before it can be pushed back" right ? Simon
  9. OK, I sanded the bore down a bit until I got a sliding fit. Should be OK now Thanks everyone
  10. Hello all, Rebuilding my cambelt tensioner for my S1 and I was wondering how tight the fit should be between the nylon piston and the tensioner body where it sits in. I think mine is too tight as I can't simply push it in, only if I tap it with something I can get it in. I would think this should slide with some friction to act as damping for the tensioner. This is also probably why I couldn't push the tensioner bearing and belt back as said in the manual when I removed the belt. So, is this piston supposed to be able to move easily? for clarity, bore and piston of the tensioner below Thanks, Simon
  11. I just took the engine out of my car (chassis + body) with the (stock) exhaust manifold attached to the engine. So I guess you could bolt on the manfold while the engine is out so you don't have any bolt acces issues when it's in. Not sure if this works with a non-stock manifold...
  12. Thanks Gavin, Didn't account for taxes and shipping costs being that much (in $). Well, keep saving I guess Simon
  13. While reading this topic I checked SJ's and seems there is now a new S1 system, or I am missing something (FULL S/STEEL SYSTEM for SERIES 1 including TUBULAR MANIFOLD) ? I concluded this is a new system as it's less than half the price previously mentioned in this topic. Anyone got any more info on this? I am considering fitting a full SS system as mine has been welded in 10 different places by PO's and the engine is now out. Simon
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