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  1. Ok. Thanks for your help. Was not able to find out in the internet. Was getting already nervous that again smthng is nor original on the car 😂
  2. Hi, i hope somebody can help me. i have an eclaz 1980 s1. my rear brake wires dont match the plan of the workshop manual. the main wire goes to the right rear wheel. From there one Wire is bent over the diff held by two clips on the diff to the left rear wheel where agin one brake wire comes ot to one bleeding screw. in the manual there must be some Y connector where its splitting up to the left and right rear frame to a hose. Each wheel has then an own bleeding wire. now what is installed in my car i also saw in the internet in some pics. Also there is some clips on the diff installed which look original. now m confused if this was original or not. If lotus ever had supplied this or only like in handbook.
  3. thank you for the fast reply. I attached a picture what i have got in the car. 1. there is a wooden panel attached to the tank (seen in the pic with the lamp/light) 2. there were 3 wooden panels covering the floor (not seen in the pic.). The middle on eis for the spare wheel. th emiddle one is not fixed. the left and right one are screwed to the fiber glass. 3.there were no wooden panels towards the rear lights like in 11 and 12 of the elite explosioned view of RD. dies the eclat has wooden panels there too? at my car there was only a carpet glued in on top along the boot sealing. 4. the inner rear wings were not covered with carpet in my car. should there be carpet glued on the inner wings left and right? 5.the tank pipe (big one) and the antella were covered by the two small carped pieces on my picuture. (with rived fasteners) 6. only the two small parts for tank and antenna aswell the floor carpet had this black thin cloth sticked around. all other parts were just cut out and glued on wooden panels? 7. is the boot lid itself also covered with carped glued on?
  4. Hi My eclat does not have original interior anymore. it look very wheired there that i cannot imagine that is was always like that. I did not find in the whole internet any picture of an S1 boot interior of an Eclat to identify how it should be. also in the service manual there is no information. Can anyone help me out clicking or sending some pictures of inside the boot. especially the details around anetnna, fuel pipe, reserve wheel, left and right rear aswell if there is a wooden poanel to civer rear lights or just carpet. also the details a nd carpet fasteners/rivet positions. that you for your help
  5. Thank you for your answer. But i read i need special tool in manual. But cant find any place where to get them. Is it possible with some tricks to dismantle. E.g. put whole thing in oven and then ice spay on bearings to pull out?,...
  6. Hi, m thinking of overheauling my eclat s1 5 speed lotus gesrbox. As i hv 3 failty ones. one with jumping out second amd reverse gear one with completely gone second gear and knocking input shaft bearing one with gone 2nd/3rd synchronizer all of them have play in outgoing shaft bearing Which tools do i really need to overheaul? where do i get the non standard tools from? does anyone sell me tools? which gearbox based on the symthoms would you overheaul? what is also if not totally worn recommended to replace with new parts? thank you for your recommendations
  7. Wow that sounds fantastic. Do you have pictures of the work you have done? I got 2excel motors and 2excel headlights incl all mounting plates and rods from ebay. Want to convert too. Coz i feel that it is a missengeneering by litus already. E.g when lights r open it suck false air into cyl #1. or pods dont open and close same time,... heater gets affected by open lights as mine has only fitted one vac tank.... and many other issues. Did u cut out the pedestal for the cacuum pods and flatten them? Or did i understand that wrong? roman
  8. is the fuel line fixed somehow insede the tunnel to avoid to get in contact with the prop shaft ? does anybody have pictures. i bought the car where the fuel line is crossing the exhaust under the chassis. when the car is hot it sputters and its stopping. maybe because of gas bubbles in the fuel line. br roman
  9. do i need the hole on the left side of the right rear seat to open the end of the breacable. o is it better to make a hole in the top side of the tunnel to access the inner screws? who has done this before? i do not exaclty know how i can get the cable out and where i do need access... br roman
  10. hi, i tried a few hours to change and set up the handbrake cable. no chance. don´t want to take out the diff. i am thinking of cutting a hole in the chassis tunnel form the upper side. does this cause any neagtive effect??? is there any other way?
  11. Hi on my 1980 S1 Eclat is a Fuel line (running outside under the frame) crossing the exhaust pipe with a distance of only 2-4 cm. dies this have any negative effect when the exhaust is hot? gas bubbles in the line ... melting hose.... does the fuel line originally run under the chassis or in the chassis? br roman
  12. thanks for fast replies, i think i will take off the head again and ground/cut the valves 1mm off. this will make the local engien shop as they told me it is the cheapest version. it only about 40 eur for all 8 valves. the valves at their end are not hardened they told me. the more expensive possibility is to renew the valve seats (as andretti wrote) but is is very expensive : about 540 eur for the work plus material. thanks for help
  13. i fittet new exhaust valves. non lotus ones. the seat is also regroundet. put the head on the block and the cAm carriers on and now..... the thinnest shim i need is a 0,75 mm one the thickest 1,15mm the problem is that the shims start at about 1,5mm so i have 8 ex valves with to small clearanve to fit standard shims. has anybody suggestions what to do easiest now? 1. buy thinnest lotus shims and ground them to 0,75mm and so on. 2. find shims from an other car make . vw golf for example. 3.take head off and take valves out again and cut them off 1mm 4. ground tappets inside 1mm 5. 1mm paper gasket on exhaust side cam carrier. 6. new valve guides in the head 7 new valves ( original lotus ones) did anybody have this problem already?
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