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  1. BrazierD


    For once, awesome is the word, and I can forgive the Americans their overexcitement.
  2. Well nearly, it is mainly Lotus built... If it makes it (and he is quite honest it is a big if), then at a Mars orbit speed of 9,543.5 MPH (, after 1 billion years it will have travelled 83 million billion miles. Even with the lithium batteries, the stereo won't still be playing by then though. Could all be quite confusing for the little green men.
  3. Scotland is way ahead on that!,-3.298751,3a,23.1y,274.36h,82.27t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1stf8jaV72bQAmTK3TEcuL7w!2e0!7i13312!8i6656 You can just about see the Lotuses stuck away in the corner...
  4. Hi All I saw this on the BBC from September, adds to the promising impression. (and "jet-cum-rocket" reminds me of Finbarr Saunders )
  5. BrazierD


  6. Well, he did well for Caterham today, didn't he?! Overtaken for 11th by Petrov in the last few laps, so Caterham not Marussia get the 10th place in the constructors championship and all the extra money that goes with it. Big relief for the team after really quite a disappointing season, appeared to be going backwards towards 11th/12th not forwards to 8th/9th, looks like Kovalainen is leaving too, he was always very engaging (Twitter etc) and the dominant driver over most of the 3 seasons. Slightly odd that they now seem to be going for pay drivers when they made such a big deal of paying Ko
  7. Depends whether the buyer is taking on liability for the $400M loan?!
  8. Where would the big loan (£270M?) fit in a sale of Lotus? Presumably a buyer would have to take over the loan, and often in situations like that where a takeover target has large debts, the buyer pays little or nothing. But could Proton & the Malaysian Government really accept that politically after all the cash they had previously invested? Could any buyer really take on the loan and pay a significant amount of cash? With the shares not quoted, it's hard to say what the value of company really is.
  9. Yes it was with David Hunt My take on that at the time was that this GL statement was purely an intellectual property legal move - GL had long disputed David Hunt's ownership of the TL trademark. This was in the pre-Bahar era, and I suspect GL would sensibly have been quite happy to see a Lotus F1 entry that wouldn't cost them anything, subject to a settlement to the TL name dispute. But then the Litespeed entry failed, Fernandes and then Bahar got involved and it all got a bit more complicated...
  10. The judge ruled the "goodwill" associated with the history of Lotus, including the Lotus name and the ACBC roundel, were jointly owned by GL and TL. Though TL can only use them in relation to TL's historical activities, basically F1.
  11. But wasn't the ban itself abandoned, at least until 2012? It's all very confusing!
  12. Indeed - I really can't understand how Proton let things unfold as they did - they seemed to have backed both Fernandes and Bahar at about the same time in 2009 and only later realised they were incompatible. GL will need every last penny of the massive loan to get at least some of the range to market and big money sponsorship of Renault F1 when there was a free alternative is a reckless waste. GL at the moment reminds me of the "burn rate" phenomonon of the 1999 IT bubble (wage bill £4M/week? ) but in their c
  13. Poor results for the Lotus teams today - 3 DNF and 12th for Petrov. TL getting ever closer to midfiled but desperately need better reliability. If they can't finish, especially wet races that mix things up, they could easily get pipped to 10th by Virgin or HRT. LRGP seem to have gone backwards - has the benefit of their forward exhaust & blown diffuser worn off now?
  14. Not a great day for Team Lotus - messed up pit stops with Heikki coming in unannounced on top of Trulli and then both cars had mechanical failures, though Trulli managed to finish. Disrupted races like this are surely the best opportunities for the lower order teams - Toro Rosso had 2 in the top 10 and even HRT were 13th/14th. I thought the BBC commentators were very generous to Heidfeld - avoiding the back of the car in front seems like a fairly basic requirement! And that marshal who tried to pick up the bits has a career in the circus ahead of him. Great drive by Button.
  15. Nice! Wish I was there. The only time I went was 1997 - 14 years ago - when the Elise GT1 ran, for a while at least. "17 years" would go back to 1994, which was the last year in F1 of the original Team Lotus, but let's not go back to that one... Have a great time & let us know how it goes. One car running OK, the other seems to have lost 8/9 laps?
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