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  1. SCCFC20EXMHF60034 1991 Esprit SE Turbo Calypso Red ElPaso,Texas
  2. Are you sure all your radiator fans are coming on? Maybe sensors are bad.
  3. Chris, After looking at your picture, which is a great one by the way, you might want to straighten the entry of your cable housing, it looks a little kinked .You might be looking at the same problem soon? A metal wire locating loom might be good here to straighten the entry.
  4. You are right the orange- black wire and Black are not connected on the cars with A/C. When I replaced my ECU these wires were not connected on my car-1991 SE Esprit and if I remember right there was a note stating that in the manual.
  5. Keep an eye on Ebay UK and Ebay US there's usually someone selling Lotus Esprit Rims or
  6. You might check out one of these at Programmable DIS-2, PN 6212 Four cylinder distributorless ignition applications (with two coil packs) will benefit from the incredible spark energy of the the new MSD Programmable DIS-2 Ignition Control as well as its ignition programming capabilities! MSD
  7. You might check your filler tubes on each tank. One of my hose clamps popped loose and it was leaking fuel on hard cornering.Can't have that ,these cars were made for cornering! Also you might check the clear hoses, that are connected to the filler neck.Also the clear hose that crosses to the opposite side of the car.Mine were crystalized and had snapped at the "T" joint. Fixed these and the clamp and have had no more gas smells.
  8. Sounds more like your temperature sensor under the manifold which sends the signal to the ECM and telling it that the engine is still cold. Does the idle ever come down to normal running rpm? If it does then its not that temp sensor. I think your thermostat would tend to make it run more towards the hot arena, if it were stuck open or shut.Only bad thing that happens at those temps is that your boost doesn't come into play until the engine warms up to about 81+ Check your connection at the thermostat housing,thats the VDO dash gage temperature sensor,you could be getting a false reading there
  9. If you one of the fortunate ones ,its just a blown head gasket. Hopefully its not a cracked engine block or head from lack of antifreeze in the cold. If thats not the case ,I say its a blown head gasket .Also,you might check the chargecooler pump,sometimes they are known to leak into the engine block ,if the unit has cracked,deteriorated or the seals are not sealing properly allowing water to enter your crankcase.
  10. Good come back! Nice ,Direct and to the point.I like that. I keep forgetting,that not everyone lives where you have summer 10-11 months out of the year.Good to hear that you take care of your car and hope you find out what that sparking noise is.
  11. I know that sometimes you hear the exhaust expanding and contracting ,which sounds like sparking. It sounds like a normal sound that the car makes when its warming up. You need to drive it more often,thats what happens when you park it for so long.You recognize every little noise they make.The car is just begging for attention. I say no more garage queen,what do you say?
  12. I had the same problem on my car! Turned out to be the fan relay switch in the engine bay. Replaced it with a new one that cost me $9.35 for a 40amp and guess what, no more stalling, bucking or going into a type of limp mode. Are you fans coming on at normal running temperature? If so the fan relay is kicking in and telling the ECM that its overheating. When I ran Freescan the Dash Gage on Freescan was pegging out,when the fans came on,even when my cockpit temp gage was showing normal running temperature of 80-85c Sounds like you have the same problem!
  13. You might trace your wiring,actually the first and second slots of the relay rack "A" -"B" should be empty on the US model 91 SE. Interesting
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