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  1. The one way valve on the servo vacuum line is there to hold the vacuum in the servo should the engine stop for any reason whilst you're driving so you can still stop the car easily, and to stop the pressure inside the brake servo from going positive when the turbos kick in. The pressure in the servo should be lower than atmospheric pressure (that's how it works, as it uses the weight of the atmosphere to help you push the brake fluid in to the brake calipers via the master cylinder). If the one-way valve was stuck then the brake pedal would be rock hard whilst the turbos are boosting, it would return to normal once you come off the throttle. Difficult to notice anyway as you can't really brake and accelerate at the same time. I doubt it's anything to do with this. I'm not that familiar with the Esprit in particular, but I too would suspect this is more likely to be ABS or master cylinder related, you should be able to disable the ABS system by pulling out a fuse or relay for it. The braking system should then simply operate in the old-fashioned 'normal' way. But obviously you won't have ABS and technically would be against the law to drive it like this as it woudn't pass an MOT so please be careful, but it may help you with diagnosing the cause of the problem.
  2. Hello, I'm in the process of fitting the Lotus Damper programme springs and dampers, currently working on the front suspension, I have renewed the two bushes at the top of the damper mount. However, I have noticed that the 'cap' (the metal dish under the top nut) on the original was fitted dished downwards (like an upside down bowl). However from experience of working on many makes and models over the years, they have always been fitted dished upwards, like your cereal bowl in the morning! I've found the cap on the original suspension was really digging in to the bush, so much so that it was starting to bulge out the side, so I've trial fitted in the other way as per the below photograph. Will it be OK to run in like this? Am I correct in guessing that it wouldn't make much difference either way? It just seems to be a bit easier on the bush this way around. Thanks for any advice!
  3. Hi all, just getting round to fitting the new springs and dampers from the Lotus Damper Programme, one very quick question if anyone knows the answer to it, the new dampers come with new bushes (bump stop) and the metal discs, all of which I've matched up the same as the old ones, however it also comes with a short chrome collar (about 1.5 inches long), is this intended to go inside the two bushes as some sort of crush bar? or to protect the inside of the bushes from the threaded rod on the damper? Any help is much appreciated! Neil
  4. Hello all, I will soon be undertaking the project of fitting new springs and dampers (Lotus Damper Programme) to my fathers 1988 Esprit Turbo. I have worked on various cars in the past but never one with a separate body/chassis. And obviously I don't want to damage the vehicle (or myself!). I have read this very informative page, however I won't be able to put the axel stands under the suspension as that will all be coming off to be cleaned/sandblasted/coated/replaced etc Is it possible to support the vehicle by placing the axel stands (ones with a flat top and rubber pad) under the chassis jacking points? Although I'm not sure how I'll be able to replace the jack for the axel stand once I've got it up in the air. Is there anywhere centrally on the front of the chassis where you can jack it up?, so I can then place two axel stands either side. Any help is very much appreciated. Best wishes & happy new year! Neil
  5. Hey, many thanks for all the replies, I have looked at the parts cross reference list and have also contacted various local Bosch dealers and Bosch themselves. Bosch say they stopped making it 4 years ago. I've completely soaked the bearings in penetrating oil but they still grind and squeal like mad. I think water has got in through the two holes at the bottom where they bend the metal casing up to support the magnets. I'll try SJ Sportscars and let you know how I get on. Many thanks once again it's really appreciated.
  6. I posted some time ago asking how to get the drivers side window motor out of a 1988 Esprit Turbo and have shamefully only just got around to doing it! - Many thanks for the replies! Anyway, the cause of the problem is a seized bearing in the bottom of the motor. It's completely stuck. So, I'm in need of a new motor. After reading various posts on this forum and different websites it appears that the motor is from a Jaguar XJS (not sure which years though?). Does anyone know where I can get hold of one? I've tried just about everywhere I can think of from Lotus, Jaguar and eBay but it seems no one has one? Any help would be very much appreciated! Regards, Neil
  7. Hello all, I'm sure some of you will have seen the Lotus Esprit spelt as a Lotus Espirit many times before, something that really ticks me off , the other day I found that Autotrader had created a Bond car slide show and low and behold named it as the Espirit. So I emailed them and alas they have corrected it! Apologies for maybe being so pedantic but as a whole we may be able to educate the world!
  8. Not sure if I'll be attending this run but I was at the September 2004 run with my father in his Esprit and I just want to say to anyone who is unsure whether they should go or not and that is to GO!!!!! you'll have a day you'll always remember and it is such great fun! Views like this dont come about very often: Yes, they streched both ways as far as the eye could see
  9. Hi folks, the driver side electric window motor has finally given up the ghost after being very slow for about a year or so. I've checked the switch which is fine and the motor is getting its +/- 12v when the switch is operated but the motor doesn't do anything. Therefore, I was wondering if anyone can offer me some technical help on how to get the motor out? I've taken a few pictures but there are lots of nuts and bolts inside the door and I don't know which ones to remove? Any help at all would be greatly appreciated! I've included two photos of the motor below, if the nuts/bolts you need to remove are pictured then maybe you could draw on the image and post it back? It's a 1988 Esprit Turbo (Stevens shape) Many thanks! B) Sorry for the poor quality, it was taken on my mobile phone camera.
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