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  1. Mark-MLOC


  2. I think a lot of Loti will be at the MLOC Lotus in the Peaks event at Chatsworth house tomorrow so may be quieter than usual.
  3. Fair enough, the other section is just named Midlands, so wasn't clear it was North Midlands owners
  4. You do realise Worcestershire is in the Midlands? Might be better merged with that area.
  5. Will send you a PM in a bit when the kids are asleep. I just checked and its not as simple as it sounded, its not that they were using the hidden master template but its an incompatibility in your skin with IE6.
  6. Its usually a very easy fix, let me know if you need help investigating the problem
  7. Its a conspiracy as we had the same attack on MLOC from that address, also had Korea today as well. To be honest there isnt a day that goes past without some script kiddy trying something out!
  8. Mark-MLOC

    Oh noes!

    Think I'll wait for the next release as a lot of its just code teething troubles it seems rather than taking the first cut.
  9. Mark-MLOC

    Oh noes!

    Still think your brave doing this straight on live Have updated our dev forums so far and had nothing but problems in the upgrade and testing, even on the standard skin.
  10. Thanks for the support mate, it really is an awesome car!
  11. Mark-MLOC

    Oh noes!

    Your brave Bibs, not upgrading MLOC until I have tested it to the max on our dev system first! I have been bitten before by IPB upgrades!
  12. Some photos of the car I drove this weekend, awesome thing, really want one now! See below for them but more photos here. If you get two moments for a quick positive vote and comment on my review it would also be very appreciated as I put a lot of hard work into it! That is here: http://lotusdiaries....k/profile/markh
  13. Photos here if you want to see it:
  14. New official photos here:
  15. More details: http://www.midlandsl...topic=34543&hl= More photos: http://www.midlandsl...&req=sc&cat=193
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