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  1. I actually had a look last night at his eBay feedback. Selling a lot of damaged repaired Citroen and Alfa Romeo. Thanks everyone for your help. I think this is one to leave at this price point.
  2. That’s for a detailed and useful post! i wonder why he’s claiming 7 stamps in the book if the book is empty or missing?! Strange behaviour. He currently has a Citroen for sale too. Does he trade in cars?
  3. Hello everyone, does anyone have any wisdom to share with regard to this early NA Evora? It seems to be good value for money but wondering if there’s anything to be aware of? Thanks in advance!
  4. It is indeed stunning. But isn't it dealer money for a private sale?
  5. I does have Sport Pack I think. Discs and calipers suggest so. Colour change isn't putting me off. But I think it would be a big big issue with others if I wanted to sell on in the future. I think it's too expensive all things considered? £22k closer to the mark? Thanks for taking the time to reply.
  6. Has anyone got any thoughts on this Evora?
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