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    Sorry to hear of lack of support, Ian. Personally, I have been quite ill this summer (16 days in hospital) and haven't driven the Elise since early June. Gradually getting some semblance of normal health back so should make it to Brands in September, for part of the day at least. Probably be on / near Lotus Drivers Club area. Maybe see a few Kent faces. Would support further breakfast meetings later in year. Peter
  2. Really sorry that we can't get along this Sunday, would love to but stuffed with other commitments. And away for the following two weekends. Get our lives back 25th Sept onwards
  3. Sorry all, great idea but I have to be somewhere else, actually two other places. Next time I hope
  4. Missed the last one but due for a full English now.. see you there
  5. Yep, aiming for another healthy breakfast. Might even bring Mrs W
  6. Wow, I've already joined, without feeling a thing!, Cheers, Bibs
  7. First Sundays are often Breakfast Club at Goodwood, so maybe second Sundays might be better (or convene at Goodwood). Detling venue was good, happy to meet there again. Are we officially "KLOGS" now?
  8. Disappointed but not surprised - Evans too shouty, set-ups too deliberate, jokes too scripted and rehearsed. First programme a horrid waste of time, though Sabine has potential with her sense of humour and MLB with his relaxed approach.
  9. Thanks all, good to put a few more cars to forum aliases, see you next time
  10. I'll be there for brekkie, then scooting off to Lydden for the FIA World Rallycross meet. Should be my kind of day
  11. OK, add me in too, please. Time I had a 'proper' breakfast, not sure I'll be 'adding lightness' though
  12. Don't be too hard on the Lotus Drivers Club, Bibs, those I've met up with have been great. Maybe the website and forum's not as dynamic as TLF (or SELOC, PistonHeads, etc) and I don't know about them pinching your ideas, but it is essentially just a Club contact point. The active members are generally based around the Midlands, so looking at next years' calendar there are events at places like Stoneleigh, Curborough, Ragley Hall, Bruntingthorpe, Sywell, Coventry etc., but they also support the Club Lotus track day at Castle Combe and the Brands Hatch festival. Having said that, they have an active Scottish contingent with regular meetings at Bo'ness, and other area co-ordinators. I joined LDC on their trip to Northern Ireland this year and it was great - very well organised and, yes, a very friendly lot. Cars ranged from Elan+2 and Esprit to Exige and Evora. So we're going to Le Mans Classic and Brittany with them in 2016. And there's a good quality mag 'Chicane' that comes out three times a year with a range of good articles including Lotus history and current activities. So, I'm not an apologist for these guys and if they've pee'd you off over web activity then you may well be right to have a go at them, but, for some balance, as a Kent-based LDC member and therefore not in the best position to be in their inner circle, I've found them to be genuinely welcoming and friendly, and a welcome part of the Lotus 'family'. We're all tied together by our illogical love of these little plastic cars! Cheers, Peter
  13. Steve1 Basic Account 2 102 posts Name:Steve Murnane Car:Lotus Elan SE Posted 20 October · Report post Having just recently lost my father to a sudden heart attack I've decided that life can be cruel and sometimes a little short. His love of cars and Lotus mainly in the early eighties having owned Elites and Eclats is what inspired me from a early age and still does today to follow the marque. So I want to help anyone on the forum if I can as many times many of you have help me with answers to my questions and offer a place of storage if you are stuck for space. Basically I've inheirited a piece of land which I run my company from in a secure location which is manned either by myself or the residents of the house who shares the driveway. We are quite literally 5 mins from Stansted Airport. The only thing is the cars although they are well away from any prioring eyes and the road, they wont be under cover. If this appeals to anyone then let me know on here if you need anymore info, as I say there's no charge but it is only Lotus though. Cheers, Steve Like this Quote
  14. Yes, going for the first time in 2016 - with the Lotus Drivers Club too. Jenny is a genius organiser!
  15. Can't go on Friday as in previous years as big Ford event same day - so will try the Thursday. Will bring the 340R is weather looks reasonable
  16. Laura, Note the 'Piloti' shoes that you managed to obtain for me in time - very comfortable and a good choice, thanks! Peter
  17. Aiming to be there, managed to blag our way in for the last two years!
  18. Here's my beastie, newly revived and still noisy, smelly and impractical Peter
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