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  1. Classic Team Lotus do BRG, gold leaf and JPS designs.
  2. There was an official supercharger kit for the Elise s2 R to bring the engine up to SC level. Had mine installed by Christopher Neil/Oakmere. Transformed the car into something quite different.
  3. On All4 ( you should be able to watch it "on demand" for at least a month after the original transmission
  4. Three Men and Four Wheels tonight at 21:00 featuring the Lotus 72
  5. This one is more in my price range......
  6. Lotus Says It's Open to Selling Off the Tooling Necessary to Build the Elise %1%24s&aoh=16204748244459&csi=1&
  7. Evro are just about to republish this book.
  8. A series of articles from CAR this week, beginning with this...
  9. Auto type correction. Rybrook are in Hockley Heath. No current Birmingham dealer since Nick Whale gave up. Choice between Oakmere in Cheshire, Central in Nottingham, PJS in Burton and Silverstone.
  10. Rybrook Birmingham, McLaren and Rolls Royce dealers, are in Hickory Heath. Between Solihull and Stratford-upon-Avon. Same location for Lotus?
  11. erm..... It's alive.... maybe
  12. Phew... that's good, the long tail distortion doesn't look nice to my eyes.
  13. Is it just me, or has the tail end been extended out backwards since the launch car? See circa 0:58 in this video....
  14. Delayed delivery speculation
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