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  1. 2020 sold out. Don't know how many that is....
  2. and finally sorted out some of mine for display......
  3. Where Lotus lead, others follow?
  4. My wall calendar view for July is this picture. Apt with the Evija launch this month, I'm tempted to think, "Lotus leading the way". From the ever wonderful McKlein Motorsport Classic calendar.
  5. So ...the morning after reflection and after reviewing the impact on the thoughts... I expected the styling to be more "way out". On reflection I think it better for not going that way. The rear end does give it some wow factor, but that comes from the tunnels which are there for a purpose not just mad bling. Inside... love the fact there is no massive touch-screen. Simple to use buttons, less distraction from driving. Nice to see Russell Carr lead the show and tell (with no grade C Hollywood has-been in sight). Performance figures. They have gone for the "massive slog for six over square leg" (that's hit the ball out of the ball park for our US friends). That will grab attention and get them plenty of media coverage. Development time has been pretty quick. Hope we don't get lots of delays. Wouldn't be surprised if 2020 delivery is more like Q3/4. Internet chatter is mostly positive. Probably as expected, there is some snide comments of the vapourware "believe it when i see it" type. Now it is VITAL that Lotus/Geely deliver the car with the quoted stats. If they don't then it would be another Bahar PR disaster. Keeping my fingers firmly crossed but my confidence is high that they are confident in doing it. How long 'till we get the Hethel lap time? Left hand drive only. Not available in the USA. Still think given the splash it's made that they can sell 130.
  6. Just noticed the countdown clock. Is that new? Launch time is 1900 BST.
  7. Anybody know the story of this car? Seen it at Mallory Park and Donington but never with owner. Elan+2 with a custom nose. Lotus badge on the nose.
  8. Went to read the latest Lotus piece on the Autocar website and got this advert. Ironic on a webpage where Phil Popham is saying Lotus may consider doing as SUV or Crossoverin the future. Always bugged me that Vauxhall use Elite and Mercedes Benz use Elan as trim levels. I assume that Lotus can't stop them but not exactly sure why. These cars are still driving around with "Elite" or "Elan" badges on them. I seem to remember for model names that you can't even have anything close to an existing name (Chamade and Charade?).
  9. Christopher Neil/Oakmere have Lotus, Caterham and Morgan (and possibly TVR in the future?).
  10. New recruit for the Geely Design Centre at Coventry.
  11. My PC sim of choice is still the great "Grand Prix Legends". Where else can I get to drive Lotus 33, 41B, 48, 43, 49, 49B and 63 and many, many other classic race cars on a massive selection of historic (and dangerous race tracks). There is a new update to the Hethel track. This is based on the pre-Bahar era layout. Details can be found here. Leads me to ask has anybody got maps and/or information on the usage of the track before the changes circa 1999. Did it just use the perimeter road and the main runway? I can only find the snippet on the factory web site stating the original track was 2.5 miles long. Any info/history please?
  12. And nice to see that the Lotus 72 that I ordered from Santa is on the production line, just in time for Xmas....... if only.
  13. Not Lotus Motorsport, but promising signs of Geely seeing value in going racing.... race car
  14. Seeing this on twitter...... Check out @grouplotusplc’s Tweet: ...made me wonder if the Lotus marketing department might point out that Lotus started with performance "off roaders". How many other suv manufacturers can say that. (LR and lamborghini were more utility than sports )
  15. Group Lotus plc is delighted to announce the appointment of Phil Popham as Senior Vice-President – Commercial Operations for Group Lotus and CEO – Lotus Sports Cars, effective from 01 October 2018. Phil will report to Group Lotus plc CEO, Mr Feng Qingfeng
  16. Reminds me of my visit to the Reno air races a few years back. There the plane ran into the "car".
  17. Including an M250.....
  18. Some interesting suv and non-suv Lotus design info from Horbury.
  19. Just seen the sad news that John Miles passed away yesterday (8th April). An important man in Lotus car DNA. I remember reading an article speculating how far his influence on good handling had spread via engineers who had worked for/with him. Including Ford Focus ang Golf mk5 IIRC.
  20. Sorry NedaSay. I was browsing on my phone and didn't spot your motorsport post. Yes the Frankel piece is just speculation. It is like a "phoney war" at the moment. Lots going on behind the scenes, whilst we all wait impatiently for some big announcement. Always good to read your insightful posts.
  21. A couple of items of interest.
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