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  1. Thanks for your advice guys. Its getting a bit real now and I've been having a touch of the seconds. I'll make my decision over the next couple weeks. I feel like I'm in a therapy session..
  2. Hopefully this is the right place for me to post this topic. The time has come for me to let go. After 12 years I think I need to look for a new home for the Esprit 😢 Since I got it, I've got married and had two kids... I tried to cling on by selling it to my dad but he's 68 now and can't even get in it anymore... I live too far away to make any use of it and it just sits in his garage not getting used and as we know the more you don't use them, the more that breaks My car is a 1992 Esprit SE hi-wing. When I bought it 10 years ago, it was shed. I did everything to it, including an engine rebuild and respray (maintaining the original colour). The list is too extensive to go through everything I don't want to go through the hassle of selling it online and dealing with the tyre kickers and dealers who will no doubt criticise my beloved car, so I was thinking about putting it in for an auction. With that in mind I am seeking a bit of advice; have any of you had experience with Anglia Car Auctions or any classic car auctions and if so is there anything I need to be mindful of? Thanks. A very depressed and miserable soon to be ex Lotus Esprit owner 😢 😔 😪 😞
  3. I've recently had my wheels re-finished and I'm trying to source some new Ruote O.Z. transfers. I've found a company who supply them but they're in 2 different sizes; 144mm x 12mm or 72mm x 12. Could someone who still has them tell me what size they are and whether they are in a Matt black or 'normal' black finish. Inserted below is a screen shot of the style of wheel I have. Thank you.
  4. Guys thank you. I've spoken to Chillidoggy and I have made a decision (it doesn't include cycling).... now how do I tell the wife 🤔
  5. So that's it, I finally given up on trying to make the stupid Delco Moraine braking system work and I now need some advice. I have a 1992 SE High Wing and I've seen the thread about ABS deletion which, to me at least, sounds like a good option but at the same time I need a C-Service. Do I do a service first followed by the removal and replacement of said system or vice versa? Anyone know of anywhere that can do a C service? I'm willing to travel (but not too far) I live on the boarders of Herts and Essex Finally does anyone know who / a company who can help me get rid of the braking system from hell and replace it with something normal. I know it's going to cost but quite frankly I value my sanity more, that is until someone gives me the true cost! Help me please before I give up and take up cycling!
  6. I own a 1992 RHD chargecooled Lotus Esprit SE. This car is fitted with a Delco Moraine ABS IIIA braking system that has the following problem. From complete depressurisation it pressurises to 186 Bar within 20 to 30 seconds of the ignition key being turned on at which point the pump cuts out, almost immediately the pressure falls to about 169 Bar. Turning the ignition key off and on at this point has no effect on this situation, however, on applying the foot brake, the pump is activated immediately and the pressure readings follow those described above. Looking at the manual related to the braking system these symptoms seem to fall into the category of “ E. PUMP OFF TIME TOO SHORT” (page 53 Lotus Service Notes Section JF). I have fitted a new accumulator and ABS switch recently and they are not defective. There are no external leaks in the braking system. The possible causes of this presentation are described as being: “Excessive internal leakage ; low precharge accumulator; leaking solenoid(s); damaged master cylinder/booster assembly.” raising the following points:- Where could this “Excessive internal leakage” be lurking? Does leaking solenoid(s) mean that they are wholly defective or merely that the seals around them are leaking and if defective can they be serviced? I feel confident in eliminating the accumulator as the seat of the problem as it is functions normally. In view of the fact that the Pump off-time is below the lower level of 30 seconds, i.e. zero seconds in my case, as described on page 54 of the manual, said manual advises replacement of master cylinder/booster assembly!, presumably because “there are no serviceable parts in the master cylinder/booster assembly” however, it appears to have been published in 1995 and, just as it states that there are no serviceable parts in the steering rack whereas there are now refurbished steering racks available for this car I was wondering, because of the elapsed time, if anyone out there has ever refurbished this component. I have also replaced the pressure relief valve but this has had no beneficial affect. Has anyone come across this problem and if so what their course of action.
  7. Derek - I've tried unplugging the low level sensor and that made no difference but thanks anyway Paul - now you've pointed that out I'll give that a proper look tomorrow. Thanks for the help Here's hoping!!!!!!
  8. Update!!! Sorry for the delay but I've been busy at work and being that I'm a technophobe, it's taken me ages to work out how to use Espritmon.... but I have finally done it! These are the things that I have done Replaced the accumulator - This appears to have helped the braking system but not fixed the warning light. The pump runs every four times rather than every other time I use the brake pedal. Checked the handbrake switch – This works, there is no break in the circuit and every time I release the hand brake the warning light flickers slightly. Checked for any signs of damage to any wiring. Firstly in relation to Espritmon I connected it up and looked at the ABS screen. Thankfully there was nothing suggesting low pressure or anything similar. I did however see what appeared to be a fault with the '2 - tail or diode' (I would include a screen dump but I'm still trying to work out how to do it!!!!). Does anyone know what this means? (I feel that this might hold the key to fixing the problem) I have bought the brake manual and there it talks about various problem solving methods for various error codes. I can't see any error codes on Espritmon. Could someone tell me where they are so I know I'm looking in the right place. Is there anywhere on Espritmon that tells you what the brake pressure is, or do I have to hook it up to a pressure gauge to double check? Having read through the manual at great length it appears that the only thing it could be now is the low-level fluid sensor – do they make these anymore and what’s the price? (I’m guessing not bearing in mind it’s a part I need!!!!!) Any other ideas or suggestions would be helpful
  9. Right I've been playing around with it over the weekend to try and fix the problem. Firstly the warning light that comes on is the red '!'. The orange ABS light used to come on but I replaced all the sensors (including the £&@%^! rear offside one that broke off inside) and that problem was subsequently solved. The red light comes on as soon as the ignition is turned on and never goes out whether the handbrake is on or not. I've checked the handbrake switch and there's no problem there. I changed the accumulator and that did make a difference with the pump only going off every six times rather than every three. I've tried hooking it up to espritmon but oddly it doesn't seem to show any error codes!?!?! I will confess that I am a bit of a Luddite when it comes to computers so I'm probably doing something wrong..... But I really am stumped. In any case I think the only option is the Australia option..... Although before forking out the money I'm just going to read the 'dodge1979' solution.
  10. Help please... The brake warning light is on, on my Lotus Esprit SE and I've read that it's because of low brake pressure. From all the research I've done I understand that it's due to one of two things, the accumulator or the ABS pressure switch. Prior to me attempting to fix it, the ABS motor ran every three times I used the brake pedal. I managed to source an accumulator and today replaced it. When I finished, the pump ran every six times however the brake warning light is still on. Before I go and source an ABS pressure switch, is there anything else it could be? Does anyone know where I can get a replacement switch from and how much it will be? I've seen there is a company in Australia that makes replacements for $360. They're called Lotus Marques. Does anyone know if they're any good and does this sound like a reasonable price. Thanks in advance .....a now financially insolvent Lotus owner!!!!!
  11. Apologies Gents Probably my fault for not making myself clear. I do have the manual and I was aware of this however I was just seeing if, through your vast wealth of knowledge, there might have been anything else you could think of before I started getting myself all dirty! Anyway having delved into the manual and followed it's advice it would appear that someone might have been telling porky pies when it came to the maintenance of the vehicle. I was given a reciept for the clutch (an uprated one as well I might add) and can see that since it was fitted the car had done about 4000 miles. The clutch had already been adjusted and appears to be 75% worn. So either the guy who sold it to me has been a bit of a fibber (which I doubt because I have the reciept) or when he got the clutch fitted some naughty individual didn't actually replace it, sold on the new clutch and just adjusted the old one! The only bit of this car I was sure that wouldn't need replacing actually does!!!! When will the torment (and spiralling costs) ever end??!!!!???
  12. Hello, Looking for some advice. Finally after two and a half years of restoring my 1992 Esprit SE/spending my life savings it's finally got to the point where I can drive the car. The engine has been rebuilt and at present I can only get up to 5000rpm (still running the engine in.) I noticed last night that when I begin to accelerate in fourth and sometimes third gear the clutch appears to be slipping. Is it possible that the clutch just needs to be adjusted rather than replaced as it was only replaced 4000 miles ago? If this is the case how do I go about fixing it? Thanks in advance
  13. Amongst many of the things on my to do list, I removed the fuel tanks expecting to find them riddled with rust. Surprisingly though they appear to be in very good conditions except for a tiny bit of surface rust around the bottom joins. In order to prevent any future problems I was considering on getting them powder coated (I know a friend of a friend who can d it for quite cheap. Before I did I just wanted to check that you can actually get them powder coated as every where I've looked at on t'internet talks about repainting them. You help would be appreciated, Cheers Hugh
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