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  1. Is anyone leaving from Norwich on Sataday or Sunday ?.
  2. The MGA passed it's MOT with no problems
  3. The fault is common to both windows,so I dont think it's switchs or anything in the doors.Maybe a relay or something?
  4. Hello,both windows are working intermittently. Can anyone point me in the right direction to help to solve this problem please.It's on a GT3.
  5. He's always getting spotted err can I come round and have a look.I would like a peek at the fuel tanks. Woody.
  6. It's my son,you will all know him when posts a reply.I took it out last week to get new tyres,it's a very nice car to drive
  7. I had a flint bigger than a cricket ball fly out from between the twin wheels of a tipper truck.It was abit of a fright,luckly it hit the passanger side.It made a hole thu the screen with shards of glass everwhere.I was doing about 60mph on the A140 at the time,so I was very lucky!.
  8. Buying a car in the dark: mmm, I supose it's OK. I bought one in a carpark a few weeks back and that turned out OK
  9. Red sports car. Van Morrision
  10. Thanks Andy I'll put on the list, it should be a good day out lots of differant cars running. Woody
  11. Hi Andy, This started as a Honda meet, but It's open to all. The cost is
  12. On the 29th April everone welcome. Started as a Honda rev meet but now open to all. Hi all this is the venue for the East Anglian Rolling Road Day. There are very good directions on their web site. Automotive Performance Tuning Tel: 01603 870990 Fax: 01603 870910 Unit 16 Shepherds Business Park Norwich Road Lenwade Norwich NR9 5SG Directions [email protected] Cant do a BBQ because of health and the public rules! So iv'e got the next best thing a........Burgar Van comiing, they do the best hot dogs you ever tasted. Thanks Woody
  13. A chance to put some miles on the new V8 engine.Missed Stoneleigh last year, came in the S1 the year before. Good day out.My son don't like early sunday mornings, he will be asleep in the passenger seat while I drive. GREAT.
  14. My son has just had a V8 fitted complete with new turbos by Bell & Colvill for under 12 grand.!st class job.
  15. Be careful on Monday- mobile cameras are operating on the A11 and the A140. There is also a speed camera on the seafront-30 mph. in Gt Yarmouth. You have been warned! I hope everyone will have a safe and trouble-free two days. Woody
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