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  1. Hi everyone, I’m a member of and last week on their newsletter they announced that they were looking for a “true automotive geek” to join their team as a car encyclopedia expert. I decided to share it here on the forum because I think that might be some of you really interested in this. I think it might be a great opportunity for someone who would like to share his knowledge about cars. So you can check the job offer and apply for it here
  2. Hey guys, I'm participating in a smaller F1 competition, it's being promoted by It's based basically on hunches. You just have to guess for each race the winner. You also have to be fast. The final winner gets an F1 Encyclopedia, an official DVD from the 2010 season and a key ring made from an F1 piece. So if you want you take a closer look here, Hope you enjoy the suggestion
  3. I read that Mercedes GP will be creating a new chassis excusively for Schumacher...and it will probably be ready for the upcoming European races
  4. I had never thought about that...but they are really much alike...prefer the softer lines of the Ferrari though...
  5. What a great video...I was just coming here to post it...but someone got here firs That could have been a really ugly accident...fortunately nothing happened and we have great tv pictures to remember it in some years
  6. Simpy stunning that one...i think this version looks smaller than the standard Evora's...maybe because of the colour... And that roof...oh my god...I think that's the magic ingredient...or it wouldn't have called people's attention...
  7. Wel that's a fellow with a ot of apetite!!! But everything sure looks good...
  8. there is still hope for this f1 season...really scared after "Bore-rain"
  9. Problems for Lotus in Malaysia...what happened to Trulli? Why did he had such a slow pace at the end of the race? Great race Vettel...finally he got the deserved win...hope it continues that way...think he will be 2010 champion...and doing that it will be the fifth different champion in five seasons
  10. good return from Lotus to F1!!! Good looking car...and the best among the new teams!!! hope to see the car improve along the season!!! GREAT WORK!!!
  11. good to see supercar makes like Lotus working on hybrid versions of theiir cars... the hybrid Evora is good the fact that it has a simulated paddle shift gear, because that is one problem with the electric sound from the engine...for many of us drivers the noise from the engine is just like music...great idea!!! Just don't like the colour choice...
  12. toovo1985


    Hi, My name is Tiago, I'm 24 and talking from Portugal. Just registered in the forum and expecting to get to know more about cars in general. Hope talking to you soon!!!
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