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  1. It's in 'Long Beach Blue Pearl', which basically means... erm... blue! The dealer who was offering the first Esprit didn't know what was wrong with the vehicle, but he was panicking! He lost interest in me pretty soon after the engine stopped and it seemed like he was preoccupied with what it was likely going to cost to put things right! The second cars problems were attributed to a recent flat battery!
  2. Well, my road tests have been completed and the winner is.... . . . . . . . . . . . . . the three year old NSX parked outside my house! This was NOT meant to happen, but I gave the Esprit enought chances to win. The first one (an 02 car) completely died on me 10 miles into the test drive and the second (an 01 car) kept stalling when coming to a halt in traffic. Sure, they have stunning pace, great presence and fantastic roadholding, but ultimately my experiences only made the little voices in my head shout a bit louder about the fabled reliability issues. The Z3M Coupe? Loved everything about it apart from the price. BMW dealers won't budge on the best examples (they seem to have them all right now) and the premiums are unrealistic. The XKR. Utterly superb in a 'fast-sofa' kind of way, but a little too 'pipe and slippers' for me. Definately something I would consider in the not too distant future. So, the NSX? It had me the minute I turned the key. It has everything that the Lotus has except low-down sprint pace and the 'sense of occasion' that only an Esprit can offer. Everything else was spot-on for the money. Handling, reliabilty, top-end power/torque, service rates/schedules, rarity, and looks (external only as the inside is admittedly a bit bland!). And that's that. I think (hope) that one day I will be in the position to buy an Esprit as a non-essential toy, as I truly think they are fab, but right now I need something that won't let me down too often. Maybe my luck was out with the two cars that I tried, but on this occasion my head has ruled my heart! Thanks for all your advice folks and enjoy spring when it comes! Munchy
  3. Thanks for the offer Bob. Unfortunately I'm out of the country at present and won't be back until next week. Thanks for the advice Will.
  4. I've looked at it again and decided that I was wrong in my earlier post... it's bloody hideous!
  5. This is it...
  6. Cheers Mark. I use Murray for new cars, but not sure about paying Dealer rates for an out of warranty car (i.e. 2002 V8). I think I've heard Dreadnoughts name come up before... possibly regarding TVR's. Will check it out. Thanks again.
  7. You are a nutcase Karluke (but I'm beginning to like your style!). My wee bro is a modder. He's whacked an outrageous turbo on his Del Sol (amongst other things) and now he keeps wondering why his clutches keep getting destroyed (despite continously upgrading to industrial strength mega-clutches). Mind you, it's testament to the V-Tec lump that it's not exploded into a zillion fragments yet! I've seen the Jap bodykit for the Exige and I have to admit that it looks alright from the distance. It looks bloody hellish when you see it close up though! The fit is dead rough and there's gaps aplenty. I bought the Exige for track-work (none done as yet and looking unlikely this year!) - not for posing. I'd like to think that the bods at Lotus know a thing or two about bodywork dynamics... and that they're design is a little more useful on track than some nasty bodykit.
  8. Hey Karluk! As much as I consider myself a generous person and even though Xmas is on the way... the answer is no! Exiges may undergo motorsport mods, but flared arches, NOS, and neons!? Nay, nay and thrice nay! This is the law my friend and there are stiff penalties for breaking it (chinese burns and wedgies I believe!). But thanks for offering to take it off me and also for the reassurance that not all Esprits go bang! The story I'm building seems to suggest that they stand up pretty well provided you look after them. Another car, however, has jumped into the purchasing equation... The recently deposed Z3 M Coupe's place has been taken by the 4.2 XKR!! I should be testing an NSX and Esprit back to back at the end of next week and the XKR the following Monday (please please please let the Esprit win!). God I love car shopping. PS - What colour did you get your car sprayed in Karluk? Looks good!
  9. I've got a second car, so the Esprit will not be tasked with coming out to play every day. It also means that I can live with the occasional tantrum. The Z3 M Coupe has now been ruled out of the running as there are a lot of reports indicating that the VANOS unit is problematic and that the chassis, although much better than the Roadster, still cannot handle the power. So, it's a straight fight between the NSX and the Esprit. Plusses and Minuses... ESPRIT Plus- Looks Performance Rarity Marque Minuses - Alleged Fragility Poor Build Quality (I've owned Loti long enough to bear testament to this one!). NSX Plus - Performance Rarity Reliability Build Quality Can Be Used Everyday Minuses - Bland Looks Drab Interior Marque Price (Ouch!) My heart says Lotus, but my head says Honda! Come on... there must be a wise old sage out there who can encourage me to follow my heart! The acid test will be when I drive them back to back in the latter half of next week. Full report to follow!
  10. Methinks you confuse the Coupe with the Roadster. Not many Hairdressers to be seen in the Coupe!
  11. Thanks guys! I'm based in the Lothians so l'll check out Manor Garage. Ed, I'm looking to change over from the wee rocket (sore back), and I've narrowed down to 3 cars... 1. Esprit - The race favourite. I'm a Lotus-nut and this is the daddy. I've just been put-off thus far with tales of reliability woes (my pockets are not tooooo deep). 2. Z3 M Coupe - It has the performance and relliability I would want. Also, it is so fantastically ugly that quite frankly it's beautiful! A true hairy-chested mans car and future classic (probably!). 3. NSX - It also has the performance and reliability, but I'm just not convinced by its looks (inside or out). Soul? Comments or suggestions would be welcome!
  12. Hey, what's up (evil) doc!? Who are UK Sports Cars sister company? I've had a look on their site, but can't find anything!
  13. Thanks guys. The Aberdeen garage used to be a Lotus dealer, but they quit some time ago when they realised that they couldn't convert the locals from Scoob Sti's and Porsche 911's. Sweden sounds nice, but I'm thinking 'independents' for those days when the thing doesn't want to leave its nice warm garage. It's a long way to push... Calling Ed... !
  14. Good Morning People! Does anyone know of any Esprit 'independent' specialists in Scotland (or NE of England at a push)? Cheers MMM
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