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  1. where is lakeside, I have too many toys to play with them myself I am afraid and just too many other things to do to spend the time learning and then making mistakes...i need to just get these things done. on the exhaust side anyone know where I can go for a good one...I dont really want more power or more noise, but I may want to get a bit more oomph in the one that will allow me to upgrade to a higher performance chip in the future maybe...
  2. fantastic I will have a go at the abs delete as its making the car really bad...the exhaust and the clutch i will get my local garage to have a go...
  3. SO for the past 6 years I have run my own garage so servicing of the lotus and stuff was easy. but I have closed shop, too few cars to fix and too little profit..but who do i now send my lotus to for repair.. it needs the clutch master and slave replacing, the abs is playing up and a new cat fitted instead of this useles straight through exhaust that was fitted. I am in Hampshire, can anyone recommend a good garage that knows the lotus, the abs is the biggest issue as it wont pass the mot as it is...
  4. yes thats what it feels like to me...i have not bothered with the ECU error codes, but will get Dave to have another look, one of the sensors was damaged and we thought that would solve the problem but it has not....
  5. nope its something else, the car has an abs problem, when the abs is off the brakes work fine, no pulling no odd sensations and no problem with pulling right. with the abs on its night mare time, ie i get heavy unloading of the brakes as if they have come off completely and it pulls to one side usually to the right as if she has been sent there in a hurry, very dangerous. I am nervous to leave the ABS of all the time but think this is my only it likely that its a weak pump or is the the ABS unit itself...any makes the car undriveable to be honest...
  6. wow that is great, i wish mine was as simple as that...
  7. ah I just posted in the other section, i see you have a venue for the next meet. i was offering my place as an interesting venue, we have a few more things to do and was going to organise a bit of other vehicle driving but as you have the venue booked i will come to this one with mine if its back on the road by then.
  8. Hi guys, sorry i missed this but glad I did as my clutch thrust bearing has failed and so she is now off the road for winter and in the garage for repairs...still wondering what to do with my abs but thats another story. Anyway just to give you a heads up I am in Normandy Guildford, its easy to get to from all directions m25 m3 m4 a3, a32 etc et I have a big secure compound with a few interesting items in it, and can organise a bit of fun driving for those who want a bit of a play, not in the lotus by the way, so the march date would be a good one for me...just to offer an alternati
  9. okay its the sensor on the near side wheel, it is all broken up and not reading properly...getting one ordered and will be back on for next week...whoo hoo, will have goodish brakes.. Has anyone upgraded to 6 pots at it worth the hassle.../cost...
  10. Thanks for that, I have just rebuilt the front end no leaks and pads and brakes all good, all new poly bushes front and rear, it did this before I had the rebuild so all of the more obvious issues have been addressed. It only happens when the abs starts pumping, it sort of releases the brakes for a split second and I seem to have no brakes then it seems to apply it more to the off side brake than the near side brake, so pulling me to the right violently at speed.....would that relate to a pressure switch on that wheel...or a cable or something... I have all the leads and programs i w
  11. okay guys I have read this whole thread from beginning to end...nothing really describes what happens to my brakes but let me explain. I press the brake hard the brakes work, the pedal pulses then pushes down further as the car pulls sharply, read off the road sharply, or into oncoming traffic sharply, to the right...the abs light may or may not come on... it is very very dangerous to drive it at the moment, it does exactly the same thing on heavy braking... HELP..
  12. Hi all at last i am back in the car..I broke my leg and tore my ankle ligaments so whilst the car was in for front end rebuild I was in hospital getting it put back together and unable to drive it. It has been sitting in the tent for the past 5 weeks awaiting my recovery. Well today is the big day, i drove it home yesterday but the tracking needed doing so that is done and now I am back into her...just got to get the interior done and she will be as close to standard as she is staying...once I have her sorted I am going to head into a bit more power from PUK esprit with a chip upgrade fi
  13. the splitter, is that a special made one or something we can purchase...definitely need one of them as mine is gone and no one seems to make original spec ones...
  14. that's true classic car ownership, breakdowns are part of the game...use them don't just look at them, by using them you can iron out the faults...but top be fair most old cars have known faults and you can plan ahead with spares and tools...easy peasey..until its 1 in the morning and your late for will happen..
  15. but you also mean head flow smoothing, so blue printing the head would assist power...the std engine I understand wont take much more than 350BHP without some physical mods...seems odd to me that but can only listen to what I am told by the likes of PUK...I am certainly going to install their 350 bhp chip stage 6 ready for a complete engine rebuild and tune up...maybe? all depending upon whether I can get the chassis and the brakes up to scratch.. with the engine mods how have you found the other items, brakes and handling...
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