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  1. Hi - Alpine iLX-720 Bigger screen than the factory unit, looks much better IMO, and no less OEM 🙂 You can even colour match the buttons 🤓 Mine has the subwoofer too - I knew I would be doing some long trips so decent audio was a must, and it works fine. As you will have found, the Evora NVH is amazing - even at 100 it is pretty quiet (Road surface depending of course!). This is where the more modern tub architecture (cf Elise etc.) really makes itself known. Then, when mood/road changes - press the button, and drive like a nutter accompanied by one of the best engine soundtracks of any car, ever!!
  2. Thanks - the colour is Pewter Grey, was a very expensive option! Yes owned from new, it has the yellow accents inside too which I really like. It is a lovely place to sit. I also think the carbon seats are super comfortable, done a few 4-5 hour trips no problem. I guess that is pot luck though! Hifi upgraded to Android Auto/Apple Carplay unit (big advantage of Evora is that this can be done, no built in obsolescence!), so missing nothing on the ICE front either 🙂
  3. Another Sport 410 owner here - welcome, you will love it 🙂 I think I may have the last one registered in UK.... (Aug 2019)
  4. first post in a while 😁 I just went from Alfa Giulia Quad to Evora Sport 410. The Alfa is the best car I have ever owned. It does everything brilliantly. A couple of issues, CEL coming on for no apparent reason, climate control too hot on passenger side. That's it. Service was not expensive, but never had the major one done. It is brutally fast, economical, handles incredibly, and is also a quiet comfortable long distance cruiser with excellent ride quality. Not had the 410 long. It is new and there are a few minor issues to sort out, but the build quality overall is amazing. Look, for example, at the quality of the Carbon Fibre parts, and the paintwork, and the alcantara trim, and the forged wheels. You can see where the money goes. The interior is basic but very nicely finished. The Alpine ICE with subwoofer is actually very good, a match for the Alfa, and of course upgradeable. There is almost no wind noise at high cruising speeds. A very comfortable car. I don't need to comment on the ride and handling 😊 So why did I change if the Alfa is so great? Simple. It lacked the sense of occasion the Evora has. And the 410 reminds me what driving used to be about, with its manual gearbox, and fewer frills. And, quite simply, I've always wanted one. So very much an emotional decision, not a rational one. Which is, imho, the only reason to buy either car 😊.
  5. Thanks for the tips guys, really helpful. Flywheel was skimmed and clutch reconditioned with new friction plates, bearing etc, so maybe there is an issue with master or slave cylinder, or possibly pedal adjustment? Needless to say I am very disappointed that after all the investment in clutch bits (and new engine mounts) there is still a problem with judder (worse than before the work was done). Cheers, Jerry
  6. Hi I am having problems with clutch judder after fitting the new clutch - do you have same problem? Cheers Jerry
  7. Thanks for your help To be honest I don't know exactly how the flywheel was skimmed, it was done by the company that rebuilt the clutch (AP specialists) so hopefully they know what they are doing..... Car has done about 1000 mile since the rebuild so I am guessing if it was an initial bedding in problem it should be OK by now? Cheers Jerry
  8. Apologies for ressurecting a very old thread but I thought it would be better than starting a new one.... I have finally got my V8 back on the road and it is running much better than before all the work was done, however the clutch judder that it suffered from before the work was done is still just as bad - possibly worse when in slow moving traffic - and I am suprised and very disappointed as - clutch is new (OK rebuilt by AP specialist rather than new) - engine mounts new - flywheel skimmed - gearbox has been checked and deemed to be in good nick so I did hope that the clutch judder would be a thing of the past. Given the work that has been done - any ideas what else could be causing it? Other things to check? Any advice gratefully received..... Cheers Jerry
  9. Hi another update as requested. Ramspott & Brandt are doing the work, here is what they said when I asked if they knew why the turbos were in such bad condition at such a relatively low mileage. Hello Jerry, we often see such kind of bad conditioned V8 Turbos from cars which come from the UK, maybe it depends on the weather in UK. The problem comes not from the wear internal parts of the turbo , the problem is the rust from the outside. At one of your turbos, the clamp plate which fixes the bearing housing into the turbine housing are completely dissolved by rust. so that the bearing housing had not the correct position and the turbine wheel blades touch the turbine housing. If I had known that you not seen the turbos before, than I had make some pictures before I dismantle the parts. If you contact your workshop, they should confirm the condition of the turbos. The Cheers, Jerry
  10. Just had the update from the people rebuilding my turbos - I was advised to get them both done - and need new bearing housings (v expensive) and various other bits. It seems really odd to me that the turbos need so much work after only 45,000 miles. Is there anything I should check that could have been the root cause? Oil feed perhaps? Interested to hear your thoughts on this as as far as I know the turbos are fairly standard garrett units running pretty mild boost so I would expect them to last a decent long time. Cheers Jerry
  11. Hi all, I need to get one of my turbos repaired - anybody else I should talk to other than the companies mentioned in this thread? Anybody got a standard turbo kicking around they want to sell me? ;-) Cheers Jerry
  12. Hi all - I have finally started repairing my V8, although I have had to resign myself to paying a garage to do it (Stratton Motor Company). The engine and gearbox are both now out and there is apparently play in the 1st motion shaft. I have agreed with SMC that I will arrange for the gearbox repair to be done as this is not something they would normally do themselves. So, a simple question really - any recommendations for any companies I should talk to? Also, the clutch will need replacing at the same time, am I right in thinking that modifying the gearbox output shaft at the same time to a larger diameter (Ford?) one will enable me to use a clutch sourced direct from AP? Probably clutching at straws here but if so maybe I could offset some of the cost of the gearbox repair by not having to pay the Lotus price for the clutch...... which is pretty steep it has to be said.......... And finally - any other worthwhile mods to the gearbox while I am at it? Any input gratefully received Thanks and regards Jerry
  13. Hi Steve I am going to be taking the engine out of my V8 soon too, for similar reasons to yours. How long did it take you to get the engine out? Do you have the car on a 2-post lift? I have the official workshop manual to hand, but any tips would be very gratefully received - and yes, I think I will be fabricating my own brackets too! :-) Cheers Jerry
  14. OK thanks again, my main concern is with the engine still in the car, how hard it will be to get to everything. With the engine out I can see it would be straightforward. Is it necessary to remove the tailgate for example? Is there much bodywork that has to come off to get access to the front of the engine?? I have read the relevant section of the lotus workshop manual, and my other main concern is how to hold the camshafts still when torquing up the camshaft sprocket bolts to 100Nm. Lotus mention a special tool for this... Cheers, Jerry
  15. Thanks Gunter, really appreciate your input. Any views on how long I would need to set aside to complete the whole job? Cheers Jerry
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