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  2. I know I m a bit late, but is there room for one more or to go on reserve list if someone cant make it on the day? Will be a 1985 Turbo Esprit, Peal white with a handful of reliability Mods......
  3. Today, was on way to an appointment and spotted a Red early stevens, poss SE, with later s4/v8 style rear spoiler. It Was outside The Standlake garage at about midday, looked very nice and shiny
  4. I wonder who this one might belong to. If anyone didn't see it, Classiccars show Ch 5 ~(7pm Tue) with Quentin Wilson and Jodie Kidd. The Car was used as part of something they did on the 928. they tied it in with an old arcade game from the 80s based on you driving a 928 police car, bashing the hell out of the baddies in a Turbo esprit. I never did manage to get past the next level to that there was a quick glimpse of a white early turbo, then it went into a cartoon sequence. Good to see the esprit on telly again..
  5. Yep, spotted travelling from Layburn to Bellaby, Yorkshire. looked like an early stevens, late morning. I was on way to Layburn ina black Xtype estate.
  6. Apparently the good news is, the Esprit may be still alive, in fact all three of them might be. Held up in a Police Compound it seems. Seach for: 'Top Gear Patagonia Special what happened to the three cars that were left behind ' There's a link on there that takes you to an Argentine Local article and it shows two pictures of the cars. Sorry, couldn't get the link to work at all for this. Anyone for a covert rescue Perhaps that could be the next Topgear special...
  7. With a bit of luck, I will to be there. Think Andy J will be riding with me to. Haven't had one of there bacon butties for ages..
  8. Hi, i ll be there for all three days parked up on the Lotus Drivers area. Its a v good even with loads going on. You can even wander round the pit areas. Look us up if your there. Darrin
  9. We ll have to meet up sometime, do you go to any of the Goodwod events? The local club lotus group meet up at wickham on the evening of the 1st monday of each month. And theres newlands corner nr Guildford every 3rd sunday morning.
  10. Yep think that was me coming back from Newlands, and had Andy in his S1 elise close behind me. After all this time I ve finally been spotted in my esprit.....
  11. With a bit of luck, hope to be there to, Think Andy J will be along aswell in his elise,See you there
  12. Welcome to esprit ownership, if this is your first. Soz for late reply, only just spotted it today. Do you live nr Newbury?
  13. Light blue S3 turbo A reg driving northbound on A34 Newbury road approx 8pm. Though it was pitch black I would recognise those Rover SD1 lights anywhere lol. Passed you in my jag on way to NEC show
  14. Red Lotus Excel E reg I think it was, You drove right past my house after turning off from Copse lane, as I was just getting my lady out as I spotted you driving by
  15. Hi Spotted Yellow GT3 Esprit on A27 Southampton Road opposite Shell garage nr Holiday Inn round-a-bout. Typically I was in the Jag and not the esprit, hay maybe next time. daz
  16. Just caught Sight of a Blue V8 or poss S4 with oval type high wing. Spotted on M3 heading south between Basingstoke and Winchester at about 1530 today.
  17. Thank you...That's 17 years hard labour and still
  18. Hi Wayne. The pearl white turbo is mine. Good to meet you at show. Was a great weekend.
  19. Was a great weekend, and the sun stayed out for most of it, Lots of nice cars here, good turn out of Lotus, racing not bad either These guys caused a bit of a traffic jam....everywhere..but as it was there 50th birthday.. It was reported that over 1200 911s of various types turned up just for the parade lap,
  20. Red s3 esprit along a413 nr winslow heading towards Whitchurch. I was for a change in my esprit heading towards silverstone for the classic show.
  21. Good turn out, esp as been a while for me due to not having esprit for a whike. Nice touch touch on photo andrew. I met soemone there who is doing up a 2.2 esprit, total resto. Forgot your name sorry but i remember he lives round guldford and haveing paintwork done by stockwork coachworks. If anyone knows of him or his forum name, could please pass on. I m keen to ssee results of paintwork. Thanks
  22. Anyone going to this. I ve got my tickets for the full 3 days and for the first time in over 2 years my esprit is fit to attend a show so thought this one as good a show to start with.Almost wasnt going to happen as had issues with my cooling fans 2.5 days in the garage later and alI sorted. I ll be on club lotus stand,with paint barely dryed and engine just run in...sorry if i missed this if mentioned elsewhere on a topic on here.
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