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  1. I've been torn on whether I should write this as I don't want to add to the hysteria but I was similar to some of you posting in my dismissive attitude to this COVID-19 palaver until my brother got it. He picked it up in Austria skiing last week with 12 mates, all of which have symptoms with two being confirmed that rest will not be tested due to change in UK policy and are self isolating. Based on his case I'd not underplay the seriousness of this. He's early forties and fit but lives on his own and that's why its really serious. He's a bloke like most of us on here so pretty crap in keeping in touch let alone when he's ill. He had described his symptoms as just like any post lads holiday comedown. What transpires, he was confirmed as having COVID-19 after attending a local hospital testing booth 2 days prior. Basically the virus affected him to the point that he couldn't move haven not eaten or drank for a significant period of time. He was able to raise the alarm by using his mobile calling me. The emergency services were sent and broke into the property. They found him on the floor in his lounge. He was taken then to the Newcastle RVI Ward19 where he was fully assessed and given fluids. He was released a day later after the hospital felt that he was well enough to look after himself, we as family had a monitoring plan and there were as you'd expect higher priority cases. The performance of NHS teams were great but it was clear from conversations that they are learning on the job and don't have all the answers as yet as its still early days. Look who knows what could have happened if he was unable to make the call but to you all, have a good think about loved ones on their own and make sure that you have some sort of agreed monitoring with them. From my experience its people on their own irrespective of their age that are also at risk from this virus. Hope this helps you all.
  2. I spoke many times to Alex after chasing him many,many times. He would always sound interested and wanting the work but frustratingly I was always the one to chase. I had a enough of the waiting and wrote to ProAlloy stating that I need a commitment from him to take the project forward otherwise I'll look elsewhere. Unsurprisingly I received not response, shame as the product was exactly what I wanted. Since then, new job, country etc has got in the way so if someone else has more luck I'd be interested in a group buy?
  3. Hi Chris, I had a long chat with Alex after trying 5 times over a month. When we did chat it all sounded really positive but he said that he'd prefer a local car to work on. Keep trying so that we can get this off the ground
  4. Yeap, me too. First outing on track and really for me to explore the grip / balance rather than hooning like the more modern lotus cars. Sure i'll have some fun and great to catch up with local track day fraternity.
  5. Update - Passed the retest this morning, happy days!
  6. Update. The car is booked in on Saturday for the emissions retest having checked the filters and found them to be a little dirty. So cleaedn and oiled them, first time I've done it in 4K miles and 8years since fitting them. Next check was the OBDII and the O2 sensors which are operating as they should. Next was checking the cats and the exhaust for leaks. Slight blow between the silencer and the cat so used the exhaust gum. Then found the my cat has a crack which I've repaired using the gum. That said I'll speak to Pete @pnm as I would not have expected the stainless steel to crack as only a few years old. The last check was the cat to turbo and again a slight leak. So gummed it up. I'll let you know the outcome on Saturday. Thanks all.
  7. HI Guys, Big mistake not running the car much and dropping it in for its MOT test. I had thought that giving it a spirited driver before hand would be enough. The up shot is a major failure. I've posted the readings which are the best of the banks. Lambda was way out and the higher the revs the worse it got, up to 1.357. have a look at the results I'm guessing that the CATs are ok as the CO and HC are low? I'll check the: Lambda sensors via OBDII, Clean the K&Ns filters and Check the exhaust for leakage....anything else? I replaced the battery and recharged the A/C which meant that I had to reset the relearn idle on the ECU. Did the standard relearn x3 cycles the a/c on then 40mph for the required time. To be fair the A/C did when switched on did cause the idle to drop and take a few cycles to get balanced. Do you think that this could still be effecting the emissions? thanks in advance Steve
  8. Me too +2. Pls get some group buy prices x5, x10 Chris can you take your in or I can drop mine off in September and leave it with them
  9. I tried to fit some Evora when I was down at South West Lotus as they had some nice GTE seats and standard recaro's , unfortunately they dont' fit. I think the issue was the sill to tunnel was too narrow. Give SWLC a call Phil as he'll explain the problem Nice seats thought!
  10. A simpler cause could be a faulty O2 sensor(s). Do you have a OBDII? if so check the operation of the O2 sensors closed and open loop as had a similar flame event which was traced to a faulty o2 connection which was frustratingly intermittently loose causing over fuelling. The consequence was back fire on lift off also causing flames out the back, (driving during the day so not immediate apparent to me), however there was a hesitation on acceleration, dry to nurse the car back now with the EML I got the car recovered. I replaced the connection and needed a new cat but right as rain now. PS I've always had popping on my car
  11. esprit17


  12. esprit17

    S1 Exige ECU

    Anyone got an old ECU sat in their garage that they would be willing to sell me? thanks in advance
  13. I'm trying to get more comfortable driving my V8 and have tried all I can with my standard v8 seats at 6ft 3" i'm probably at the extreme of being able to fit in it but I was wondering whether there is any significant improvement with fitting GT3 seats? I tried some Evora seats when I was down at SWL but they are too tall. Does anyone have a V8 with GT3 seats that I could have a sit in? I'm in Bristol so can travel to meet up. Or if someone has already done the exercise then let me know the outcome. thanks
  14. Looking for some straight pipes to replace my sports exhaust, its a v8 non federal e.g. not centre exit. Ping me with offers
  15. A great looking orange esprit spotted on my way down to South West Lotus, great colour in the morning sunshine :
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