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  1. HI, only 4 sets left from 4th batch!!! 5th batch coming soon. Perfect sets, ratio and materials. Cheers, Harry Martens Limmen Gearbox specialist Citroen DS/SM and Lotus Esprit Giugiaro.
  2. HI here is one of those imitation pinion bearing. beware. cheers, Harry
  3. Hello, here is a link to more pictures. This time Esprit Turbo C 35 rebuild. enjoy!! cheers, Harry
  4. Here is some back ground information about the materials, design and quality HML ring and pinion sets. HML uses 18CrNiMo7-6 for those sets, which is the standard for hardened sets. The type of tooth is. Gleason, compared to Klingelnberg, has the disadvantage that Gleason has a smaller tooth foot radius and therefore succumbs faster to tooth fracture. In addition, the geometry over the tooth length at Gleason is a "circular arc". At Klingelnberg this is an "Epicycloid", which makes the Klingelnberg system less susceptible to installation errors and house deformation under load. If you are going to calculate with equivalent sets: Klingelnberg vs Gleason, Klingelnberg will be the strongest choice according to the calculation modules. About the transmission ratio. The cars with a 7-31 ratio will accelerate faster and you will lose your top speed. At the same speed, the car will also go higher in revs, which is less comfortable. cheers, Harry
  5. Full rebuild can be seen here: cheers, Harry
  6. The first top quality HML reversed Lotus Esprit ring and pinion set from all ready the 4th batch has arrived!!! What really matters is performance, reliability and functionality. And most of all: Feedback from happy clients. Contact me for price and availability. All parts for Citroen gearbox in stock. cheers, Harry
  7. "quote " Harry Martens is pretty much the go-to guy for Citroen gearbox parts for Esprits and any other marque that uses Citroen gearboxes. He has developed a CWP specifically for Esprit use that matches the teeth with the way the Esprit uses the gearbox. I know of at least half a dozen people who have installed Harry's new parts and to date, they are all working well. Harry can also provide everything else for the gearboxes for one stop shopping, and will rebuild your gearbox if you ship it to him. New, all ready the 4th, batch of 12 reversed cwp sets for Lotus Esprit coming in the next few weeks. Well proven and without any weakness. Be wise. All parts in stock, full rebuild possible. cheers, Harry Martens the Netherlands
  8. Hi, C4925 is paring number for casing and bell housing. Never seen the sticker before. Must be factory references I guess. cheers, Harry Martens
  9. HI, you have not the correct gearbox for your S1. Turbo has C35 casing with only 1 drain plug. Bell housing is different. There are only 2 type. " previous "and " C35 ". I can supply you the correct " previous " gearbox with correct bell housing cheers, Harry Martens
  10. Hi, imho failure while mounting on differential. Most likely not in line and with hammer. cheers, Harry
  11. Hi guys, these are not my "reversed " ring and pinion sets!!!!! Beware. Mine are fully tested, with nothing but good feedback. Mr John D is trying to sell un-tested and wrong ratio cwp sets without any feedback at all through my topic. I rest my case. cheers, Harry Martens
  12. Some information about duty and brokerage fees into Canada. Auto parts for classic cars (at least 25 years old) should be duty-free for Canada, no matter the part’s country of origin. However, to make sure this happens, it is your responsibility to educate whomever you are buying from as most do not know about this exemption. Ask the shipper to indicate HS code 9966.00.00 on the customs declaration for each item as it applies. This Tariff Item of the Customs Tariff gives duty free status to “articles for use solely or principally with those vehicles manufactured more than 25 years prior to the date of importation”. Information about the interpretation of this tariff item can be found here. Eligible parts are limited to those solely or principally for qualifying vehicles and would have to be in keeping with the original appearance and configuration of the vehicle. These may be either original articles or reproductions. Articles that incorporate modern safety features or other technological developments can be considered under tariff item No. 9966.00.00, provided that they are solely or principally for use with qualifying vehicles and do not compromise the original configuration of the vehicle. EG Brake Kits, etc. General purpose articles that can be used in vehicles covered and not covered under tariff item No. 9966.00.00 are not eligible for consideration. So reproduction door panels would be eligible as they are specific to a vehicle over 25 years old, but tires that fit both your BMW 2002 and a 2011 Ford would not. Not sure if the rules are the same for US and Australia. Would be great for Lotus Esprit owners.
  13. For the HML " reversed " CWP sets, the offer is still valid!!!!! 350 euro discount for your old ( in mint condition ) original Citroen CWP. Quaife ATB diffs in stock again!!! Cheers, Harry Martens .
  14. Hi, my gearboxes comes complete. With output shaft housing and axles.
  15. Harry Martens Limmen 5m · Special offer!!!! Get discount for up to 350 euro for your old original Citroen CWP. Special offer!!! I will refund up to a maximum of 350 euros for your old original Citroen CWP when purchasing the HML correct " reversed " cwp set. See what can happen to yours. Many photos attached of failure, big failure!!!! Send a few photos of the teeth and splaines and you will receive an indication of the possible discount. Please no pitting and chipped teeth. Final discount is determined in workshop HML. Just in case you decide to send your gearbox to HML for rebuild, the same option is valid. Don't hesitate to ask any question about the Citroen " previous" and " C 35 " gearboxes used in Lotus Esprit from 1976 till USA 1988. Stay safe, stay healthy.
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