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  1. Hi, correct all M7 except the speedo securing bolt that is M9. For these 2 mentioned you can make it M8. No problem. M7 helicoil is very, very hard to find. cheers, Harry
  2. New, second batch of 10 "reversed" ring and pinion sets for Lotus Esprit with Citroen gearbox. Don't be to late, order now.
  3. 5th gear sets for Lotus Esprit with Citroen gearbox. Top Quality!!! HML offers you full rebuild and guaranteed quiet gearbox with brand new ring and pinion and 5th gear set.
  4. Hi, best option for you all with Citroen gearbox is to install the correct " reversed" crown wheel and pinion. That in combination with Quaife ATB will make your tranny bullit proof. Cheers, Harry Martens
  5. Hi, imho the problem is the crown wheel and pinion. 95 out of 100 is making the noise. You might know the Esprit gearbox runs in opposite direction than in the Citroen SM. The cwp spiral is left, for Esprit on wrong side. I have new made cwp spiral right. Perfect quality. cheers,
  6. Hi, yes that should be possible. At least in the Citroen SM. Not sure if you have enough room in the Esprit. cheers,
  7. Hi, the one one Ebay is the so called " previous " Citroen gearbox. I think the HC Esprit needs the " C35" gearbox with clutch fork at the side. I have both type in stock, with or without new " reversed " ring and pinion. cheers, Harry Martens
  8. yes, for the grease on tube. Any mounting or bearing grease. Not on splines!!
  9. Hi, just found picture on my computer. cheers,
  10. Hi, yes , I have in stock. cheers, Harry Martens
  11. Hi, curved fingers on pressure plate requires flat face release bearing and straight finger a round face rb. Both in stock as complete unit. cheers, Harry Martens
  12. Hi, thanks. Just noticed I had contact with him on Lotus Talk. Hope he sees this message here. cheers, Harry
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