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  1. Hi, just a little, very little Lithium grease. cheers, Harry
  2. Really?? All theoretical , non proven. What if some part, 1st gear needle bushing, synchro hub ( special splines) 2nd gear needle bushing, 3rd and 4th gear train, flanged double row angular ball bearing, 5th driven gear and speedo nut, does not fit, than what? Do you have bleu print or do you use used parts to try and fit? My 16 sold reversed cwp sets are proven unbrakeable!!! Now special offer and in stock. All gearbox parts for Lotus Esprit in stock.
  3. Hi all, second batch of new "reversed" and for whatever it means " unbreakable " HML cwp sets is almost sold. Now for the month October I can offer special deal for set. PM for more details and price. cheers, Harry Martens All gearbox parts and gearboxes ( fully rebuild) in stock for Lotus Esprit S1, S2 , S3 and Turbo version. So " previous" and C35 models.
  4. this housing is bolted to the engine block and derives its name from the bell-like shape that its internal components necessitate. Bell housing:)
  5. I have stock, incl upgrade circlip.
  6. With or without. It will fail sooner than you think That input shaft is toast
  7. That one will end up with no drive at all soon if replaced.
  8. Hi, correct. Imho and for what I have read and heard before the circlip is essential. The springload is to big for the circlip. The input shaft is pushed forward and than the nylon thrustwasher will fail and input shaft starts drilling it's way into crank shaft. This issue never happens in Citroen SM or DS because bearing in flywheel is ball bearing an no nylon ring. Better install upgrade circlip. cheers, Harry Martens
  9. Hi, correct all M7 except the speedo securing bolt that is M9. For these 2 mentioned you can make it M8. No problem. M7 helicoil is very, very hard to find. cheers, Harry
  10. New, second batch of 10 "reversed" ring and pinion sets for Lotus Esprit with Citroen gearbox. Don't be to late, order now.
  11. 5th gear sets for Lotus Esprit with Citroen gearbox. Top Quality!!! HML offers you full rebuild and guaranteed quiet gearbox with brand new ring and pinion and 5th gear set.
  12. Hi, best option for you all with Citroen gearbox is to install the correct " reversed" crown wheel and pinion. That in combination with Quaife ATB will make your tranny bullit proof. Cheers, Harry Martens
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