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  1. HI Correct, the later Turbo version had the C35 ( commercial van ) gearbox casing, but with Citroen SM ( Lotus Esprit ) internals and off course Lotus bell housing. Not a direct swap and also difficult to find. The Citroen DS had some small differences for parts and ratios. Ch
  2. Hi, this not Citroen SM but Citroen DS 5 speed gearbox. Input shaft is 10 mm longer, short 1st and 5th gear. Do not forget to replace input shaft and if you find bell housing you have to measure carefully. Bell housing and gearbox casing have matching numbers. After die cast, both were machined as a pair. cheers, Harry
  3. Hi, indeed!! Many sold. All good feedback, ask here. cheers,
  4. so what should I say about that now? Compared to OEM and HML. "German spec alloy steel". That says nothing at all about the quality of the material. Not everything that comes from Germany is good. Once you have a certificate that describes the quality of the material, the same material from, for example, France is also perfect. And then you also have to indicate what material you use. HML uses 18CrNiMo7-6 for those sets, which is the standard for hardened sets. Measuring tooth thickness with a digital caliper ?? I don't think an engineer measures gears like that. A child can understand that if you mill fewer teeth in a certain diameter wheel, the thickness thereof increases. 21/5 gives an even thicker tooth. That does not mean anything about the strength of a tooth. The type of tooth is. Gleason, compared to Klingelnberg, has the disadvantage that Gleason has a smaller tooth foot radius and therefore succumbs faster to tooth fracture. In addition, the geometry over the tooth length at Gleason is a "circular arc". At Klingelnberg this is an "Epicycloid", which makes the Klingelnberg system less susceptible to installation errors and house deformation under load. If you are going to calculate with equivalent sets: Klingelnberg vs Gleason, Klingelnberg will be the strongest choice according to the calculation modules. About the transmission ratio. The cars with a 7-31 ratio will accelerate faster and you will lose your top speed. At the same speed, the car will also go higher in revs, which is less comfortable. All the best and good luck. cheers, Harry Martens
  5. Another Lotus Esprit Turbo gearbox failure. Pinion bearing exploded. Lot of damage. All due to wrong design for load on crown wheel. HML has found solution. Reversed set. No easy rebuild. Couldn’t find right pattern.See first 2 photos ( yellow marker ). Photo with white marker is from manufacturer. Perfect pattern. I found out the original gearbox casing, with exploded pinion bearing, has no visible damage but obvious there is no good alignment. New housing, all is good now. So beware with your original Citroen CWP. It runs on WRONG side!!!! Photos of installation new HML reversed cwp.
  6. Ok, I wouldn't know of that. Maybe some others here on forum have answers for that. cheers, Harry
  7. Hi, the spring load is so strong that eventually the input shaft will " drill " itself in the crank shaft.
  8. Hi Jonas, please pm or email. [email protected] cheers, Harry Have to check. I make new input shafts 2 mm longer on primary shaft side. cheers, Harry
  9. So, 3rd batch is ready. Pm or email for pricing and details
  10. First photo's of new batch perfect "reversed" crown wheel and pinion ( final drive ) sets, by HML. pm or email for more details and pricing. cheers, Harry Martens Limmen
  11. dsvitesse1

    Gearbox parts

    He knows where the parts and others can be purchased. cheers, Harry
  12. You too. All the best, stay safe and stay healthy. cheers, Harry
  13. Hi, I have send you PM. About the oil pump, I would need the parts. We are still ok, intelligent " lock down " they say. Workshop is only 300 m from my house. Be safe, stay well, cheers,
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