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  1. hello, the inputshaft is held into the primairy shaft by a very small snapring. After all these years the spring in the primairy shaft pushes the end of the inputshaft by the splaines through the snapring and the front into the crank. Remove the bellhousing and change the snapring!!!!! And than modify the nylon thrustwasher at the crank. See some other topics on the Yahoo Turbo list posted by Tim Engel. regarDS, Harry Martens
  2. Hello, donation made from the Netherlands. Hope it will cheer him up a bit. regarDS, Harry Martens
  3. Thanks for the comment Lee, I will change it Please feel free to leave some feedback in the Testimonials on my site. regarDS, Harry
  4. Hello to all of you. Would you please visit my new website and tell me what you think of it. All comments are welcome. regarDS, Harry Martens Limmen
  5. Hello to all of you. Could you please visit my new website and leave some feedback or comments if you want. thanks in advance, regards, Harry Martens
  6. Hello, I can offer you a fully overhauld gearbox. Contact me offline for details. regarDS, Harry Martens Limmen
  7. Hello, I think you have lost all the splines inside the primairy axle and on the clutchshaft. It happens quite often, even here in the DS regarDS, Harry Martens Ps if anybody is interested in a LSD for the Citroen gearbox let me know, and I will send you some pictures. It is not available yet but might be in the near future.
  8. I only use SKF precisionbearings. The CWP is like new and the gearbox is fully overhauld. New bearings and synchrorings. All ratios are offcourse a bit higher and all gears will be longer. So the accceleration will be minor. Price offline please. regarDS, Harry
  9. approx 25 to 30 km/h higher topspeed. regarDS, Harry
  10. It's rebuild but with the standard bearings. So I don't think it's up for more torque, only higher topspeed. I would'nt know how to rebuild the Citroen gearbox with different (bigger and stronger?) bearings. Do you have suggestions about that? regarDS, Harry Martens
  11. Hello, if it's only speed you want I have a special gearbox for you. Finaldrive 3,88:1 The CWP is a 9/35. regarDS, Harry Martens
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