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  1. Hi, yes that should be possible. At least in the Citroen SM. Not sure if you have enough room in the Esprit. cheers,
  2. Hi, the one one Ebay is the so called " previous " Citroen gearbox. I think the HC Esprit needs the " C35" gearbox with clutch fork at the side. I have both type in stock, with or without new " reversed " ring and pinion. cheers, Harry Martens
  3. yes, for the grease on tube. Any mounting or bearing grease. Not on splines!!
  4. Hi, just found picture on my computer. cheers,
  5. Hi, yes , I have in stock. cheers, Harry Martens
  6. Hi, curved fingers on pressure plate requires flat face release bearing and straight finger a round face rb. Both in stock as complete unit. cheers, Harry Martens
  7. Hi, thanks. Just noticed I had contact with him on Lotus Talk. Hope he sees this message here. cheers, Harry
  8. Hi, anybody got direct contact to naasaa? Lars from Denmark. Said he wants a new cwp set, but does not response to my messages here by the forum. cheers, Harry
  9. ok, fingers crossed. Imho, the noise was very akoustic, so I still suspect coming from bellhousing. Somewhere. Flywheel, starter ring................ all the best, cheers,
  10. That's a good one, if they have not wired the screws, maybe the springs and bolts have been left out as well. Worth checking. Just shift the axles. cheers,
  11. Hi, picture 3 shows the levers. The left lever, for 1st,2nd, 3rd and 4th, does look bent. No 90 degrees angle between the axle and lever. Can you confirm. Spot welding does not look strange. OEM. No wiring for locking is very disappointing imho. cheers, the detent balls/springs are under the axles and wires are to prevent the screws to come loose. If one comes loose, you can imagine the damage inside. cheers,
  12. HI guys, these drains are only for leading the oil away from brake disks in case of failure of seal. If oil comes out, the seal is worn. No worries for over fill, there is no pressure inside gearbox. I advise to use 3 liter oil instead of 2.25 . Better for lubrication of 5th gear. cheers,
  13. The sound, imho, is akoustic, so I am thinking about flywheel touching bellhousing some how.. Should be able to see and/or hear even with just turning engine by pushing in gear. cheers,
  14. Hi, not possible to select two gears at the same time. If the interlocking plungers were put back after the rebuild. Btw, that gearbox looks not very proper imho. Have you checked the axial play of crankshaft? cheers, Harry Martens
  15. Hello, update for new 'reversed' ring and pinion sets for the Lotus Esprit with Citroen transaxle. Pre- turned and first gear cutting made. cheers, Harry Martens.
  16. if you need the studs or the nuts, I have.
  17. Hi, use copper grease. No worry, it will not splash into gearbox/bell housing. Is sealed by support tube with alloy hub. cheers,
  18. Coming really soon now. Make sure your on the list for 1st batch. cheers, Harry Martens Limmen
  19. Pre announcement !!!New ring and pinion sets especially made for the Lotus Esprit with Citroen gearbox will be ready in the beginning of 2018. To start I have ordered 10 sets. Mirrored version of original Citroen SM. No other ratio. All calculated. Best ratio.As said before:Klingelnberg Cyclo Palloid. HPG treated.18CrNiMo 7-6.No need to pay deposit. Just let me know if you you want and make firm order.cheers,Harry Martens.
  20. HI, if all the above said is not the issue, than the idler gear for reverse might be worn. Can be replace without removal of tranny. cheers, Harry Martens
  21. Hi, driven gear has to mate with drive gear ( speedo nut ). Make sure driven gear is in nylon bushing. Use some sticky grease.
  22. Hi, indeed, C35 casing one drain plug. " Previous" have 2. Diameter of nylon bushing is the same, only length is different. "Previous" have steel ring between driven gear and housing. C35 does not have steel ring.
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