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  1. Hi, indeed, C35 casing one drain plug. " Previous" have 2. Diameter of nylon bushing is the same, only length is different. "Previous" have steel ring between driven gear and housing. C35 does not have steel ring.
  2. That's what I ment. They MUST replace a worn cwp, for proper working tranny without noise. What's the point, rebuilding the transaxle and not replace most import parts??
  3. Hi, most likely input shaft rotating in primary shaft. You will loose all drive in the end. Or synchrohub or dogs on 2nd gear, fail often too. They do not replace a worn cwp??? Off course.
  4. Hi, could be release bearing or input shaft. Gearbox has to come off anyway. cheers, Harry
  5. Hi, six speed is no option. Way to expencive. I modifiy the Citroen C35 Diesel 5th gear set. Wich is 40/26 but has different splines on secundairy shaft.
  6. Hi, I do have a 5th gear set 1.53 ratio. Step from 4 to 5 is a little bigger. Not possible to change ratio for 4th gear. On secondary shaft 3rd and 4th are gear train. cheers,
  7. Hi, not possible normally. For sure it can be removed by force. cheers
  8. Hi, advantage is faster acceleration and stronger cwp. ( thicker teeth ) Very good used Set costs 1300 euro.
  9. Hi, yes also in stock. All 3 different ratios cwp in stock, 7/34, 8/35 and 9/35. cheers,
  10. Hi, indeed, I have brandnew ring and pinion sets in stock. Various ratios and if wanted cyro treated.
  11. Hi Lars, gearbox has its limits but over 300 BHP should be no problem at all. Certainly with Quaife ATB diff and offcourse control of left foot. cheers, Harry Martens
  12. I would like to share that I am about to order a new batch of 50 -100 ring and pinion sets for Citroen SM. ( Same as for Lotus Esprit. Much stronger than original. This info is from manufacturer. Hi Harry. We will use FORGED material ,the same we used for lancia delta group A. We will make Hpg-s grinding , wich improves the pattern. Parts will be klingelnberg , it means comparing a gleason bevel gear with same size and module the klingelnberg is 30% stronger. With 50 euro more i can make a coating anti friction. This coating is superfinish .It is to avoid the usury of parts .You have more chance to avoid pitting.Superfinish is not a coating like a print, it is a procedure that does not wear . Cheers, Harry Martens Limmen.
  13. Hi John D. you say: better final ratio of 1: 4.286 , which improves the top speed in gear (more "peppy"acceleration) but original final drive is 1: 4,375. I do not see improvement in that. i can offer several diff final drive ratio beside the standard original. 1: 4.857 1: 3,888 all in stock. cheers, Harry Martens Limmen the Netherlands. advertentie harry (3).pdf
  14. Hi, is possible, synchro hub could be worn or speedo nut has come loose. But, than you must hear and face other problems. cheers, Harry Martens
  15. all cwp sets with different ratios back in stock. 4.85, 4,37 and 3.88. Brand new or very, very good used. cheers, Harry Martens
  16. Hi, i will look in shop tomorrow morning, however I doubt if I have the correct replacement. I think mine is slightly different. Will take photo and send. cheers
  17. Hi, diff problem or half axle bearing/seal issue. Try to remove drive shaft and look for play. cheers, Harry Martens
  18. Hi, here is a very detailed discription from Tim Engel about the conversion. Spigot/ Pilot Bearing A Needle to Ball Bearing conversion for the 1983-87 Lotus Esprit with Citroen transaxle. by Tim Engel, Dec 25, 2005 Original OEM Spigot Bearing (aka, Pilot Bearing) Spigot Bearing, Needle Roller (Elite/ Eclat/ EspritS1) A907E6049ZA Later OEM Part -- Service Bulletin 1978/07 Esprit S2, upgrade for S1 and Turbo Esprit 1983-87… all with Citroen Transaxle. Spigot Bearing, Needle Roller (Citroen) A907E6319F INA HK1512 (Germany) SKF HK1512 (Germany) Nadella HK1512 (France) · 21.0 mm (0.82677 inch) OD · 15.0 mm (0.59055 inch) ID / Bore · 11.7 mm (0.46063 inch) Length Thrust Washer, Nylon, Shaft / Spigot Bearing A079F4029F (All) Sleeve, Clutch Shaft Spigot (18.5 mm long) A089F0404F (Turbo only) A Nylon Thrust Washer is used between the bearing end-face and the input shaft’s shoulder/ spline. The end of the bearing with it’s ID engraved on it also has a rubber seal just inside the bore. The bearing is installed with that end facing out of the bore and flush with the end face of the crankshaft. It’s a thin-shell needle bearing. The shell is structurally weak and must be pressed into a solid bore for support. Similarly, there is no inner race, so the shaft itself must be hardened. Ball bearing upgrade Use a standard 6202 Deep Groove, sealed ball bearing such as: SKF 6202 2RS. The Lotus-Renault bearing is similar, but without a seal on the inner side. It’s installed facing into the crankshaft spigot bore / grease reservoir, allowing extra grease to be packed into the crank bore. Citroen-Esprit, SKF 6202-2RS · 35 mm +0 / -0.013 mm (1.37795 inch) OD · 15 mm +0 / -0.008 mm (0.59055 inch) ID / Bore · 11 mm +0 / -0.125 mm (0.43307 inch) Thickness The Esprit-Renault bearing is similar, except that the Lotus bearing is only sealed on one side. The bearing is installed with the open side facing into the crank's spigot bore. Extra grease is packed into the bore as a lubrication reservoir. To replicate the OEM Lotus configuration, just remove one seal from the 2RS bearing, or purchase a bearing with only one seal if available. Remove the crankshaft. Bore the spigot bearing pocket oversize (35mm) to accept the 6202 bearing with a light finger-press fit, and flush with the end of the crankshaft. Install the bearing with Loctite RC680. Also cut reliefs in the bottom of the bearing pocket to accommodate the jaws of an internal bearing puller for future use. The bearing bore and the end of the input shaft (spigot journal) are now both 15mm… a line to line fit that will be difficult to impossible to make blind while installing the transaxle. Remove the input shaft and reduce the spigot OD by a couple of thousands of an inch for an easy slip fit, and add a generous chamfer to the end for a lead to ease finding the bearing bore with the input shaft while installing the transaxle. (The Mustang T5 uses a 15mm spigot, these are it's dimensions: Bearing Bore ID: 15 mm / 0.5906" Input Shaft Spigot Journal OD: 14.986mm / 0.590").
  19. that is correct. If bearing or shaft come loose, you'll notice. cheers.
  20. for adjusting shifting fork 3/4 gear. When in 4th gear, in all gears offcourse, there must be play between fork and synchrohub. This is only on the so called " previous" Citroen gearbox. The C35 does not have that. cheers,
  21. Hi, you can try. It's GL 4, so should be fine. See how synchronizing goes....
  22. Yes, you can try that first. 1,5 mm play is not to bad. Is inside differential. No worries for that.
  23. indeed, the two bolts for slave cilinder will not be that difficult, the big one in diff.axle carrier might cause more troubles. If that one snaps, it must be really tight. Drill, drill and heat might work. Otherwise, I can supply fully rebuild carrier.
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