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  1. Hi, you have to take out the driven gear. Use a small magnet to get it out. Assemble it with some grease on the shaft providing it to fall out. There is only one o-ring. You can assembel the nylon bushing and o-ring with some heavy duty grease. I think, because of different rotation of the internals like in the Citroen DS and SM, the oil is swept up hard towards the nylon bushing and therefore make the leak. Not a big problem imho. Don't forget to take the driven gear out. Happy Easter weekend, cheers, Harry Martens
  2. seems to be error . Here is correct link to item. cheers, Harry Martens sorry guys, seems to be error. Here's a better link: > cheers, Harry Martens
  3. Hi guys, now is the chance to get the ultimate differential for your Esprit. Limited auction and for very, very special price. Maybe the last 10 units ever!!!!!!!!!! check it out and don't miss it!!!!! cheers, Harry Martens Limmen
  4. Limited auction, special price for these 10 units. I have them really in stock, not like other Ebay sellers only virtually. cheers, Harry Martens
  5. Hi, for the Citroen Maserati gearbox you don't have to worry. I have some.
  6. Hello, I have the housings. New and/or good used. Possible with new bearing, seal and halfshaft.
  7. Yes, no worries. Take off the complete cover. Not only the cover of crossover shaft. Nothing will fall out.
  8. Hello Paul if you want to know for sure, remove topcover. Easy job. merry Xmas to you all,
  9. you have a wonderful car Giorgio. cheers. Harry
  10. Hello I have it for you. Hi I have fully rebuild in stock with new ring and pinion. One year warranty. Quaife diifs also in stock.
  11. Hi guys I still and really believe that an LSD or Quaife ATB would protect these acient cwp sets. Just for your infos, i still have brandnew ( cyro possible) and very ,very good used sets. With kind regards Harry Martens
  12. Hi, Very common problem is that the inputshaft has drilled itself into crankshaft. Try to loosen the pressureplate from underneath, or keep trying to pull. Input has come out of the primairy shaft and if allready in crankshaft, halfway out primairy shaft. Keep pulling harder. cheers, Harry Martens
  13. Hi, I have the complet rebuild diff.axle carrier for you . With new bearing and seal. 175 euro netto ex/piece. No need for search for special tool. cheers, Harry Martens
  14. Hi. paypal would be fine. Send me a message.
  15. Hi Jim, yes I do. cheers, Harry Martens
  16. sorry guys, I only have the dust cover for clutchfork. Not for the timing hole. cheers,
  17. Hi Mark, I have one for you. contact me.
  18. Guys, how many do you need? I have them in stock. Brandnew.
  19. Hello Mark, yes I have the Quaife unit for you. check the site. cheers, Harry Martens
  20. Hi , i have no list. I have all parts for the Citroen "previous" and C 35 gearbox. Most important parts I have new are , ring and pinion, flanged bearings, synchronizers, synchronizer rings, input shafts, clutchsets with release bearing, seals. You can see it all on my website, cheers, Harry Martens
  21. Hi, wich parts, they offer for the Citroen C 35 gearbox, are "beefed up'" ?
  22. Hi , I was wandering how much they were charcing you for the clutchset.

  23. you inbcx is full. cannot send message



  24. Hi, not a stupid question offcourse, but clutch set up is not the same. Difference on all three parts. Not interchangeable.
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