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  1. Some information about duty and brokerage fees into Canada.
    Auto parts for classic cars (at least 25 years old) should be duty-free for Canada, no matter the part’s country of origin. However, to make sure this happens, it is your responsibility to educate whomever you are buying from as most do not know about this exemption. Ask the shipper to indicate HS code 9966.00.00 on the customs declaration for each item as it applies. This Tariff Item of the Customs Tariff gives duty free status to “articles for use solely or principally with those vehicles manufactured more than 25 years prior to the date of importation”. Information about the interpretation of this tariff item can be found here.
    Eligible parts are limited to those solely or principally for qualifying vehicles and would have to be in keeping with the original appearance and configuration of the vehicle. These may be either original articles or reproductions.
    Articles that incorporate modern safety features or other technological developments can be considered under tariff item No. 9966.00.00, provided that they are solely or principally for use with qualifying vehicles and do not compromise the original configuration of the vehicle. EG Brake Kits, etc.
    General purpose articles that can be used in vehicles covered and not covered under tariff item No. 9966.00.00 are not eligible for consideration.
    So reproduction door panels would be eligible as they are specific to a vehicle over 25 years old, but tires that fit both your BMW 2002 and a 2011 Ford would not.
    Not sure if the rules are the same for US and Australia.
    Would be great for Lotus Esprit owners.
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  2. HI

    4 hours ago, CarBuff said:



    Wasn't there a commercial vehicle that the 'box was used in? Are these a direct swap into the Esprit (not the bell housing) or do some changes need to be made?


    Correct, the later Turbo version had the C35 ( commercial van ) gearbox casing, but with Citroen SM ( Lotus Esprit ) internals and off course Lotus bell housing. Not a direct swap and also difficult to find.


    The Citroen DS had some small differences for parts and ratios.



  3. so what should I say about that now?

    Compared to OEM and HML.

    "German spec alloy steel". That says nothing at all about the quality of the material.
    Not everything that comes from Germany is good. Once you have a certificate that describes the quality of the material, the same material from, for example, France is also perfect.
    And then you also have to indicate what material you use.

    HML uses 18CrNiMo7-6 for those sets, which is the standard for hardened sets.
    Measuring tooth thickness with a digital caliper ?? I don't think an engineer measures gears like that. A child can understand that if you mill fewer teeth in a certain diameter wheel, the thickness thereof increases. 21/5 gives an even thicker tooth. That does not mean anything about the strength of a tooth. The type of tooth is. Gleason, compared to Klingelnberg, has the disadvantage that Gleason has a smaller tooth foot radius and therefore succumbs faster to tooth fracture.
    In addition, the geometry over the tooth length at Gleason is a "circular arc".
    At Klingelnberg this is an "Epicycloid", which makes the Klingelnberg system less susceptible to installation errors and house deformation under load.
    If you are going to calculate with equivalent sets: Klingelnberg vs Gleason, Klingelnberg will be the strongest choice according to the calculation modules.
    About the transmission ratio.
    The cars with a 7-31 ratio will accelerate faster and you will lose your top speed.
    At the same speed, the car will also go higher in revs, which is less comfortable.


    All the best and good luck.




    Harry Martens




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  4. 12 hours ago, Jonas said:

    I might need one as well, pilot bearing surface is shot, please quote me too Harry. S1 78.

    Hi Jonas, please pm or email. [email protected]




    9 hours ago, Steve4012 said:

    If the gearbox end of the input shaft is that worn, is it also likely there's damage inside the gearbox as well?

    Have to check. I make new input shafts 2 mm longer on primary shaft side.





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