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  1. 1 minute ago, Andyww said:

    Ok, so the detent still works with the top off, so its worth checking all 4 shafts are in fact detenting, and any springs/balls have not been left out.

    That's a good one, if they have not wired the screws, maybe the springs and bolts have been left out as well. Worth checking. Just shift the axles.




  2. Hi, picture 3 shows the levers. The left lever, for 1st,2nd, 3rd and 4th, does look bent. No 90 degrees angle between the axle and lever. Can you confirm.


    Spot welding does not look strange. OEM.


    No wiring for locking is very disappointing imho. 





    5 minutes ago, Andyww said:

    Not sure how the spring can be an issue as all it does is provide the crossgate bias on the lever. 

    The screws should be lockwired but again, only an issue if they have come loose.

    On this box are the detent balls/springs retained by the cover and in the 4 holes in the picture? If so, were they all present and you have removed them?


    the detent balls/springs are under the axles and wires are to prevent the screws to come loose. If one comes loose, you can imagine the damage inside.





  3. Hi, not possible to select two gears at the same time. If the interlocking plungers were put back after the rebuild. Btw, that gearbox looks not very proper imho.



    Have you checked the axial play of crankshaft?




    Harry Martens




  4. Pre announcement !!!

    New ring and pinion sets especially made for the Lotus Esprit with Citroen gearbox will be ready in the beginning of 2018. 

    To start I have ordered 10 sets. Mirrored version of original Citroen SM. No other ratio. All calculated. Best ratio.

    As said before:

    Klingelnberg Cyclo Palloid. HPG treated.

    18CrNiMo 7-6.

    No need to pay deposit. Just let me know if you you want and make firm order.


    Harry Martens.

  5. 2 hours ago, PhilW said:


    Thanks for this.  Unsure of your last sentence.

    Do you mean:

    They must replace a worn CWP?

    That's what I ment. They MUST replace a worn cwp, for proper working tranny without noise. What's the point, rebuilding the transaxle and not replace most import parts??


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