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  1. I have a small plate inside the passenger side windscreen with the number on, dont know if this is standard or not?
  2. Bit late in the day but I have two Thursday "Moving motor show" freebies from Lotus if anyone can use them. Was going to go and stay over for Friday's auction, but comittments will not allow so having to just do Friday now instead
  3. All rides on the price I guess, few bills to pay first then see whats available, Bonhams seem confident guess we will see !!!!
  4. Thanks Mike, I am hoping Bonhams have pitched the price about right and who knows on a good day a bit more, of course there is always the not so good day where she may come home with me again !!!
  5. If anyone out there has ever heard of him.... apart from me !!!....... I have a ticket going begging for the concert on Tuesday at the royal albert hall, good one at that, Gratis It just be good to have someone to drink with at the interval, but I shall be going anyway, Giz a shout if interested
  6. Mine is always Right light, 2 minutes later left light, I have 2 friends with Eclats, both the same!!!! I agree entirely on the spend front, it is a minor irritation compared to the other jobs to be done. I had work done at GST in Newmarket, a well repected Lotus man, Gerald told me spending money on the vacuum was probably not worth the effort, most enthusiasts saw it as a "Quirk" in our cars......... ...... Absolutely no offence taken by the scepticism on ownership, I was exactly the same when I was told , I literately had to sit down and breath slowly the day Andy Graham called me from the archives !!!
  7. Duncan, Thank you , you were my orginal inspiration and mentor. as I think you are aware, for finding out how, as my kids put it, "Dad you always land in S**t and come up smelling of roses" !!!!! I do class myself as being very lucky to find the car I did
  8. Thanks Tony, ...... Hercs, There are copies of the provanance on my garage entry if you would like to see it, and you,re totally correct on the vacuum front !!!!! A common fault on these cars
  9. Will also add to this post that the car is up for auction with Bonhams at Goodwood on Friday 2nd July so if anyone is going to be there be nice to meet up
  10. Thanks Bibs..... I cannot believe that all those people were at the gig on sunday, including yourself and me, and we never managed to see anybody!!! Guess it just shows how successful the do was just too many people there to find anyone !!
  11. Fraid it is mine guys, due to ill health and lack of money, sadly it drained me getting her back on the road, I have had to take the decision to sell, I had intended to post on here to you all after Snetterton, but unfortunately I was taken ill on the Monday morning ..... again!!!!..... and just have nt had the time. Sad but one has to look after oneself first . Without the help of people on here, they know who they are, and the encouragement of the same, I would never have got as far as I did with it and thank you all very much for that. I have also made some great friends locally purely from this forum, I recommend to all I talk too. Thanks again to you all, and I shall continue to read all the goings on Dave
  12. Great pics Bibs, I arrived at Snetterton with two very important things missing, a battery for the camera and a pushchair for the grandaughter!!!!! Managed to get some pics of the 80 Martini car for my elite portfolio on my phone though
  13. Spotted today in Norfolk on the A11................... 1213 Elises,(Well it seemed like it) 34 Exige's 43 Esprit's, 34 Lotus 7's , Dozen or so new Elan's, Dozen or so Orginal Elan's, 10 Eclat's and 2 Elites if I count my own, ........ and that was just by 0900, WAS THERE SOMETHING OCCURING
  14. Will show my face there tomorrow evening then! I am assuming there will be no restrictions on entry after a certain time in the evening, or do you think you could just flash your Sunday ticket?
  15. Im off to see [email protected] in Dads Army tonight, but if there is anything happening tomorrow evening as was mentioned earlier in the post let me know
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