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Evora Headlamp Washers Not Working

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I hope somebody can point me in the right direction here – my headlamp washers don’t work. The fuse was blown, so I changed it and the fuse immediately blew again when I pressed the washer button.

I don’t think the 2 are related, but the windscreen washer does not work either. The fuse is ok, so I am going to check the pump next.

So, regarding the headlamp washers I have no idea where to look next as something is clearly properly wrong to make the fuse blow straight away. I’ve only had the car 4 months and to be honest I don’t know whether the washers have ever worked in my ownership as it was only recently I realised they existed!!

Any ideas on the next thing to check from you helpful fellows out there?

The car is a 2009 LE Evora



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Can’t help you with why fuse is blowing but headlight washers only operate when the lights are turned on and I believe every 5 times you press the washer button. 

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Since the Evora doesn't have wipers on the lights, I would expect that it has some sort of electric wizgidgery that counts the button presses and then operates on the fifth press if what Jairaj has said is what happens.

I would be looking at the feed wire from the button to whatever relay sits before the washer pump.

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