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Evora Cup holder

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On 22/12/2018 at 07:02, xxaarraa said:

That's a neat idea. I use this one:

Not sure about where you'd get that in the UK, I haven't seen anyone else carry it other than moss miata.

Looks good. but I frequently need to move the seat so it may interfere with that


1 hour ago, au-yt said:

Looks good but what I don't like in it  (and the OEM Evora cup holder too) the location would be behind my back so not easy access.


1 hour ago, PAR said:

I gave up on finding such a think when I realised that my cup fits perfectly between the seat and the door so I am satisfied with that!

I have been using this location for my Bodum Travel mug. I thought it fits well but had a couple of incidents recently when braking hardly. Also concerned on long term damage to the seat leather on the the contact area


On 22/12/2018 at 00:45, agentdr8 said:

I have one of these from GRP. It's basically a universal folding cup holder like one of these attached to a custom 3D printed mount that clamps over the seat adjustment bar. 

Any idea how much 3D printed mount would cost please? Thank you all for posting

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6 hours ago, au-yt said:

I have used that model in a previous car and it does scuff up the console after a little while.

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10 hours ago, Glasgow said:

Any idea how much 3D printed mount would cost please? Thank you all for posting

I would think less than $15 at most online 3D printing places. Since GRP created that mount themselves, they likely wouldn't have posted it in the public domain. 

Probably about an hour's work to model one in Fusion or CAD to create something similar. 

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