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Titanium rear muffler

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I found on monkeywrench racing website a Topspeed titanium rear muffler that they advertise for the evora

They exist also without any muffler at all or in stainless steel

I know it s a bit useless in uk for trackdays as it s noisy but in Italy it s usually not a problem.

My question is do you think it should fit on the exige v6?

I see that many other rear muffler part numbers are the same between evora end exige and the pipe routing looks the same but let me know.



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Exige and Evora back box is interchangeable. Just the hangers on early Evora's were different, so you need to verify this. On later years Evora's they are identical to the Exige. 


You don't have any cats anymore, correct? That small absoption filter on the pipe in the pic will muffle a bit, but hey, just go for the straight pipe version. It would be funny to know/hear how this backpipe (without any muffler or cats) would sound 😉



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