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Diagnostic Scanner for Evora

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I’m new to Evora ownership which is great (the car itself) apart from I live in a remote corner of Cumbria so rather than having to waste half a day traipsing into that rare thing, a Lotus dealer, I wondered whether I could get a proper diagnostic scanner that can read all the codes for the Engine and ABS systems so I can either fix them myself or get a local specialist WRC garage to sort it.

My local specialist garage fixes £250k rally cars but his expensive diagnostic kit but can’t see many of the Lotus codes.  The car is a low mileage IPS model showing a ABS light. I’ve alread swapped out the brake switch on Lotus Silverstone’s advice.

many thanks in advance


PS. As a general thought it seems to me that Lotus have made smart choices using Toyota and other reliable standard parts, so considering the thin support network it would be helpful and good for the business looking at the big picture if they made the cars easy to repair by any competent garage. No doubt some are put off Lotus ownership by the thin support, a kind of chicken and egg situation.  Silverstone who sold me the car are great, but too far away, but did bemoan the licensing cost of the diagnostic kit. I was supposed to be getting the car checked out at Carlisle Lotus this morning but they rang me to cancel at the last minute this morning as there sole technician is off.


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A bought one of these Products/580.jhtml a while back (less than £20 on Amazon as I recall) but only used it for the first time this week to deal with this

Mission accomplished (despite the instruction manual giving the impression that I might do more harm than good with it)  so I suppose that means I can give it some sort of recommendation.

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What you’re really after is the Lotus Techcentre (the OEM properitory software system). 

No, Lotus won’t sell it to you unless you’re a franchise service agent (although it is listed on DeRoure). And no, unlike the VAG or GM variations for example, there aren’t any ‘hooky’ editions available on t’interweb. 

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Some time back I bought an ELM327 WiFi ODB 11 reader, to work with an iPhone. I plugged it into the Evoras ODP port but could never make the thing work. I tried many times but could never make the WiFi link work. Anyone know of one that does work? I understand that they have to be WiFi  not bluetooth to work with an iPhone.

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Mine looks like this one (but was bought a few years back).

Plugged it in, disconnected from house wifi and searched for new network. Finds it immediately.

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