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I had planned on keeping this car for a long time, but I’ve got first refusal on a friends Vantage V8 and it’s an itch that I need to scratch as I’ve never owned a car with a V8.  I suspect I’ll be back in an Evora in the future as this car has really got under my skin but for the moment someone else will be able to enjoy it.

As a result of planning on keeping the car for a long time, I’ve done quite a bit of work on the car in the last couple of years including preventative maintenance, so the car looks and drives amazingly.

First 3 years/48k was a Lotus Management car (belonged to Brother in Law of JAWS on here) commuting from near Cambridge to Hethel daily and looked after by Lotus.  After that it was owned by another enthusiast Alun Rowe (alunr on the playground) before I bought it from him nearly 2 years ago.

Sports Pack, Tech Pack and benefits from Standard Ratio gearbox making it an excellent long-distance cruiser, a B-road blaster and does not run the risk of having the weakened replacement 3-6 gear ratios that can cause gear box failure on early cars.

Service History – Registered 1st December 2010 (makes it a 2011 spec car)

  • 11/1/2011 – 1020 miles – Lotus Cars
  • 16/5/2011 – 8358 miles – Lotus Cars
  • 11/10/2011 – 17688 miles – Lotus Cars
  • 20/3/2012 – 27092 miles – Lotus Cars
  • 19/9/2012 – 36604 miles – Lotus Cars
  • 18/2/2013 – 43650 miles – Lotus Cars.  I’ve been told that the clutch was replaced at this service, I don’t have any documentation on this, but I did ask JAWS and he confirmed that it had been done.
  • 2015 – 48910 – Brooke Kensington
  • 19/5/2016 – Brooke Kensington
  • 2/6/2017 – 59352 – Castle Lotus
  • 19/5/2018 – 62123 – Essex Autosport

In addition, since taking ownership I have done the following:

  • New windscreen in June 2017 that is scratch, chip and crack free
  • Headlamps re-lacquered at Lotus to ensure it was done properly
  • Rear light bezels replaced with updated black ones (originals fade from silver to yellow)
  • Lightweight Lotus forged alloy wheels fitted costing £1000 (originals available by separate negotiation)
  • Sport Racer wrap (roof, sills, mirrors, front splitter). I think it makes the car look much better, but it is removable
  • Full 2bular exhaust (Headers, Sports Cat, Backbox).  Parts alone in excess of £2500 and it sounds amazing, dirty burble on start-up and screams at the top end.  Despite this, on a run it’s not too noisy and does not drone. Original exhaust available (saves me taking it to a scrap yard)
  • Gearbox Oil change – transformed the shift from horribly notchy to lovely and smooth.
  • New shocks and Geometry setup.  Didn’t really need doing but as I was able to pick up a set being sold off by Lotus, I thought I’d get it done.  Geo really improved front end turn in without upsetting the rear of the car.
  • Door seals replaced (they split and perish) and doors realigned, this took a few attempts (and I dread to think how much money) but is now perfect.
  • Air-con checked over and re-gassed.
  • Service hatch release leaver replaced with later version
  • Front wheel arch liner brackets replaced with stainless steel ones (the standard ones rust away to nothing)
  • Freshly washed, clay barred & waxed and the interior in fully cleaned with the leather treated.

The car drives and sounds amazing but there are a couple of things to make you aware of….  The dash has suffered from some leather shrinkage and the passenger airbag cover has popped up a bit (they all do that in the heat, happy to send photos), the leather bolster on the driver’s seat is also a bit worn (again they all do that, and I suspect £40 and some effort with leather dye would fix it).

Price wise I would be looking for £26,750 ono.  Much less than that and I just couldn’t sell the car given what I’ve put into it in the last couple of years, it’s had all of the common mechanical problems sorted, drives amazingly and frankly if I can’t sell it then I would not be upset to keep it.

Happy to answer any questions, send additional photos on request and do a video tour on Skype/WhatsApp/FaceTime if you want to take a look at the car before driving to see it.

Test drive only with proof of fully comprehensive insurance.

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