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Turbo heat shield

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Just made a lovely twin plate heat shield that mounts behind the Turbo out of ally.  Put a 3 or 4 mm air gap between the two shields so am expecting it to be fine.  I ideally want to hold it with 4 stainless bolts.  Anyone see any reason why stainless would not be suitable?  I'm just thinking about expansion of stainless against the ally but probably will be fine.  What do others think?



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I just made the whole thing out of stainless, so it can stay shiny longer. Riveted the two layers with aluminum spacers at the edge and used hex socket screws to attach it. I was trying to avoid a heat path from the front plate to the cam end covers through the fasteners,  but if I did it again I would not recess the fasteners, they're a bit of a pain to access with the turbo in place.

Unfortunately, my Federal Esprit has the  exhaust cam air pump drive flange that sticks through and needs it own shiny disc. Someday I'll round up the parts to delete it.


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