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Crank pulley wear.


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I just emptied the parts washer, AKA the dishwasher (wife still in bed!!) and found this strange wear pattern on the crank pulley. It looks like the timing belt pulley has been fretting against it, but this would seem unlikely as they are both keyed to the crank. Has anyone seen anything similar or do any of you have any suggestions? I have never seen the engine run but it looks like the belt is sitting right at the front of the pulleys where it might rub against the crank pulley, but why the strange toothed pattern?

Many thanks, again!



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The crank pully and associated thrust washer locate the belt, so you would expect to see some evidence of polishing, however this does look a lot more extreme than my 110K motor.  I would check there is nothing else out of alignment forcing the belt against the pulley.   I'd probably rebuild the tensioner as a starting point.  

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It is indeed the convex side of the pulley. The interesting part for me is that the wear pattern seems to run in an arc from the tips of the toothed area, just seems very strange. Interestingly the pulley bolt didn't seem to be that tight, but then the pulley should be kept in the same relative position to the toothed pulley due to the key. In any case the tensioner has been rebuilt, the bearing was a bit rough and I will check everything before the engine is eventually started. Just wish I had some more history about the car but then it has been off the road a very long time.

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