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Mohamed Ramees

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22 hours ago, Olin Imports GB said:

Not those skis as the drill holes are for Look turntable heel units (3 screw holes)

Hello, Olin imports. Thanks formthe info. Please could you post some pictures of the set you have? My Olins are 205 cm. I believe the Bond skis were custom made and are longer than other Olins? Perhaps you could clarify the bindings were 360 RD Tyrolia. I don't understand the screw thing? Thanks.

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15 hours ago, v8vantage said:

Always a few sets available in the USA, they pop up quite regularly. Problem is shipping to Australia will be quite expensive at the moment until the plague is eradicated.

The last pair of VI's SL I bought were from craigslist in 2011 so I will have a look at that again. Unfortunately some crazy Bond fan offered me 10x what I paid so I sold them, regret that now of course.

Thanks Roo.

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On 31/10/2020 at 04:33, Lex Templar said:

Hi everyone, has anyone got some larger Olin Mark VI for sale ? 





Sorry.  Not for sale at the moment.  They are about.  I was very lucky and searched Ebay UK one lunchtime and bought them there and then.  Other pair I found in Florida on Craigslist.  I found other pairs but I was searching for a particular length so both pairs were the same.  On craigslist search the sates in US where the mountains are and Canada.  That is where they tended to be.  Unless your lucky you just have to trawl and trawl for hours.  Will bear you in mind so if I see any ill let you know.  Would be very happy to facilitate to Australia if they were in UK.  A Lotus owner in Florida helped me enormously for which I was eternally grateful.

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So if John Eaves used DH then that is new to me as I have 2 x sets of SL’s. SL’s can be seen being used by Roger Moore at the top of the ski jump

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The DH Skis were used by Rogers stunt double to make the ski jump. Roger used the SLs and they were on the car. Having said that they are a piece of film history and worth owning.

Heres Roger’s foot70D49AD6-DE9D-4624-9080-3BDB3545CCB6.thumb.jpeg.f343eb8537f9b66c652797897388d3ab.jpeg

Glad I got the binding colour spot on.

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7 hours ago, Philpug said:

The skis were just shipped to Heritage Auction House and will be in the  2022 June 18-19 Hollywood Entertainment Signature Auction – Dallas, sale #7269.

Good luck Phil, hope they get a good price.

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Hi Philpug

looks like the skis are not listed anymore in the heritage auction website 

The skis were still listed a week ago but seem to have disappeared now (ID #149001)

I am very interested in bidding here - if you / anybody has any information I am a taker

Many thanks in advance


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Hi,  If you're still looking for a pair of OLIN COMP SL skis; I own a pair of 200 cm.  I have a picture of them but not sure how it can be attached to this message.  Email me and I can send it to you if your remain interested.  Mike

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