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Riviera Bonnet

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I realise that this is a very long shot but I was wondering if anyone had an unwanted Riviera bonnet lying around in the garage, in between the boxes full of hens’ teeth and rocking horse poo! Any help locating one would be greatly appreciated.

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Just a quick update...the kind offer of a bonnet from John was from an Eclat Sprint rather than a Riviera so I am still looking. On the plus side, John did have a couple of spare bags of rocking horse manure and now my roses have never looked so healthy 😄

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Hi Tom, thanks very much for your offer. I'm not very mechanically minded so I hadn't thought about needing one of those. I've checked through my tool box and all mine seem to be right handed. 

Just a quick question though, how do know if the left hand hinge on the bonnet is the one looking from the front of the car or the driver's seat? I've looked all through the workshop manual but Lotus don't seem to tell you 😉

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After a 12 months fruitless search for a Riviera bonnet for sale, as a last hope I was just wondering if anyone has a Riviera bonnet that, whilst not wanting to part with it, wouldn't mind it being used as a mould to produce a new one? If anyone might be able to help, could you please message me so we can discuss the practicalities of whether might be possible. Many thanks. 

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Good evening Brian,

Regarding the Series 2 front spoilers, SJ Sortscars show them available on their website for £102.76 including VAT.

I think that these are new parts that have been fabricated using a mould of an original.

It might be worth asking if any Elite or Eclat owners on the Forum have purchased one and if so whether they were pleased with the fit and finish.


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