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five minutes a day fixing my lotus

tom kilner

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Now if I'm not much mistaken...


...these are both 5e camshafts.

Thanks TAR! (Nov 2 2017)

102.5 degrees after and before tdc.

The pulley wheels are marked with red dots (110deg), should be yellow,  but I think the paint might not be original equipment. It certainly ran well.

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On 12/02/2019 at 19:38, jonwat said:

I agree, it's ok for garden furniture etc but not worth the time & effort on anything automotive. :thumbdown:

I think the name is the most appealing thing about it, hence why it sells. Apart from that, I think it’s crap.

Margate Exotics.

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Seven blocks more or less, with an 8foot 4x4 post on going through the rear wheel arches under the back seats, blocks wide enough to pull the chassis through with wheels on.

At the front,  a 6foot post under the front chassis mounts, blocks just in front of the front wheels. I lifted the font with the engine hoist,  and tried to raise the back with a pair of 300kg-rated ratchet straps,  but the leverage was inadequate, so I used the trolly jack with various bits of wood,  blocks,  a ladder,  even the chassis crossmember acting as an elevated base to raise it inch by inch and take up slack with the straps.

Now it's resting on the beams, but still (lightly) strapped to the rafters to give a double fix for when I'm working under the body.

A lot of inspiration from posts on the forum helped me here.

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Here's a close up of the bush - it has a steel sleeve.


It appears to be made our of chocolate.

It fits nicely but doesn't look the same as the manual:


... nor do the washers.

Other vehicles' diff mounting bushes seen to be more or less the same price, but it seems you can get a whole suspension mounting kit in poly for triumphs for half the money.

Maybe they are the same? Quite a few other parts are tr6.

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