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five minutes a day fixing my lotus

tom kilner

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Luckily I'm taking the liners out to fit to the 907 block, so it's ALL coming apart. 😂

They seem well stuck though so I may have to fashion a puller.

Here's the restored original 907 block for my internals. IMG_20190714_100734.jpg.96605e5fd8adeebae446fc78394b473e.jpg

Stripped back and prepared for assembly. 😁

The issue with the 911 block was that the adapter plate for the sump meant that half the bellhousing bolts didn't line up 😕

 And there was oil everywhere - and I had no idea how the internals were arranged. IMG_20190714_091555.jpg.5693fb2161f7bd0f35acb64923883311.jpg

But it doesn't look too bad, condition seems ok and I'm getting an idea of what goes where thanks to forum members.

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I'm trying to reuse anything that isn't broken, worn out or inappropriate.

Time will tell of course, but when I swap the block im hoping to need almost nothing - the engine ran well and it all looks ok so far - I'm sure there are some detail differences between the 911 anf 907 fittings - the oil return pipe looks like one.

Pistons, pins, rings,  liners, crank, con rods, main and big end bearings even.

Maybe all I need is oil seals and gaskets?



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4 hours ago, EXCEL V8 said:

Is the body actually back on now?

Body still hovering like in that top pic.

I'm tempted to fit the engine onto the chassis first - just think of all that space.

But as it's not the way it's normally done , there's probably a good reason🤔

I've forgotten what had to come off once the body was removed,  but i think I'm there - prop, diff, hubs, sus, fuel line, handbrake cable and brake lines nearly all done,  so maybe it's almost time? I'll just look at the top items on the various piles and see where they go. if they go in through the top, then it's body on time😀

4 hours ago, Chillidoggy said:

That engine block looks really clean Tom, did you have it blasted to get that finish?

!I'd like to claim it was elbow grease and my old toothbrush, but LB did the prep.
They probably used someone else's toothbrush though. Mine's still ok.
I cleaned the old block by washing it in stale petrol so I can dismantle it without ending up like the creature from the black lagoon,  but it's not that clean...😐


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In which case ill leave the wheels off, and I believe the body will go on with the ex. manifold on but rocker cover off, and the body needs a tilt and maybe a sideways movement as it drops.

How are you planning on doing that Pete? I was thinking it might almost be easier to drop the body straight and raise the engine/chassis on trolley jacks. Alternately I'm thinking of lowering the body on 4 straps allowing angle adjustment and a bit of side to side.

Anyone know a good thread on this assembly method?

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I've built a lifting "frame" using an Acrow prop and the RSJ that holds up our bedroom!  It's in a domestic garage so not much height.  If you have a look at my restoration thread on (glacial progress) over the next couple of weeks I'm planning to take some photos and upload them - it's much easier to see than to describe!  Thread is entitled "Restoration Begins" in the "General" section.  The body is lifted via a frame that bolts to the door beam hinge bobbins in the A-post and the door latch/roll-over bobbin in the B-post.  Like I say - hard to describe, but it will be obvious once you see the pictures.


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12 hours ago, tom kilner said:

Can I view that on a mobile Pete? All I can see is tiny tiny text. Maybe there is a technical solution?

Do you mean you cannot see the forum pages?  I know a bit about cars but nothing about mobiles (phones?).  Sorry!


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The closer I look the more complex everything becomesScreenshot_20191120-123711_Gallery.thumb.jpg.4f2ee6817da4b0eb0a6c0764295f1fb0.jpg

But big thanks to excel v8 for the liner puller - i thought it would save me a job but it looks like it facilitated my needing to do a dozen other jobs🤔Screenshot_20191120-123701_Gallery.thumb.jpg.8520725e8e5716063c7faec0c68630d7.jpg

Next I've got to get those studs out-i mean how hard can that be?

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I used non Lotus bearings in my rebuild, so far its running fine with good oil pressure but I cant recommend them for anyone elses engine until I have a few thousand miles under the belt.

To say they were cheap in comparison would be an understatement!

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Do they have to come out Tom? Be good to use new ones in your replacement block.

- Jeremy


One should always use new studs and head bolts as these bolts are stretched when first torqued and can not clamp, once again, when re-torqued any where close to what they did when new. NEVER reuse these parts including rod bolts. Ask any pro engine builder and he will tell you the same.



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