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how to remove a lotus elite engine

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I thought I would list the steps required to remove an elite engine:

Partly to remind myself how it all goes back together😉

Disconnect battery
Pump out fuel
Remove bonnet

Put the front of the car on stands to allow access and space for the back of the gearbox to swing down during removal. I also removed the passenger side road wheel to allow better access to the power steering pump and lh engine mount.

Drain engine and gearbox oil
Drain coolant
Disconnect fuel pipe, choke and throttle cable and vacuum hoses from carbs
Remove carbs
(Easier access to the bolts  with the manifold removed,  but the manifold is useful as a lifting point)

Remove distributor cap and ht leads
Disconnect low tension cables to distributor
Remove oil filter
Remove starter motor and solenoid
Remove coolant hoses and thermostat top cap.
Remove dipstick and crankcase breathers.

Remove radiator, expansion tank and hoses.
Unbolt earth strap,  remove alternator, belt and bracket
Disconnect p.s. hoses from pump, drain fluid and remove pump.
Disconnect oil pressure pipe and wire, reverse switch wire, speedo drive and clutch cable

Disconnect exhaust below manifold
With gear lever in 4th, dismantle and remove gear lever (maxi box)
Put some carpet over the front of the bodywork and headlight pods.

Suspend engine from a hoist - I attached a load leveller around the back inlet manifold branch and off the alternator and power steering mounting bolts at the front.
Many engine hoists don't have a long enough  reach.
I needed 6' 4" height to pull the engine/gearbox out of the car.

You'll also need space to manoeuvre the hoist and put the engine down somewhere. The car could be rolled out of the way if it's tight. The engine and box is almost five feet long.

Unbolt and remove engine mountings. Support gearbox and remove gearbox bracket

Raise the font of the engine an inch or so and ease the assembly forward 4 inches to pull the splined driveshaft out of the gearbox. Pull the engine forward until it is almost at the front of the engine bay, raising it enough to get the sump over the chassis crossmember.

Now the engine can be raised at the front keeping the gearbox below the bodywork at the back of the engine bay until the engine can again be drawn forward to allow the back of the gearbox to clear the passenger compartment bodywork.

Now it can be levelled and swung out of the car.






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This one was a 2.2 (911) 79 503 - the aircon pump is gone.

I imagine that most of this applies to eclats, and a little less to excels.

Some have no power steering, some have oil coolers, different gearboxes, carbs, and so on - perhaps those in the know could add the usual differences so the info is easily accessible in one place?

I found most of the advice here on the forum and from forum members - thanks everyone.👍😆

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