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Esprit s1 1978 wiper motor

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My wiper motor has been found to be the cause of electrical malfunction in my car causing fuses etc... to blow. Sourcing a replaceable wiper motor is proving difficult? My lotus specialist says that it is a unique specialist part but I wonder if anyone has fitted a wiper motor from an Austin/rover/Land Rover? Or even rebuild the motor? Only Lucas one I can find is £300 on eBay which seems a bit excessive! 

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I seem to remember Sparky and maybe LotusFab have experience with sorting wiper motors in the past. I think the wheel inside the wiper motor whch controls the side to side motion needed to be swapped out from the old motor into the new  one. Sparky will know what else was involved

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Nothing specialist about it, a standard lucas motor from the period. The key is the location of the peg on the wheel inside the motor which allows the correct sweep angle for the wiper arm. Find any equivalent 2 speed motor and just swap the wheel assuming it's in good condition. Are you sure it's the motor and not the gearbox at the wiper end which can wear and jam?


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