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350 tweaks and mods


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Interestin, after having a V6S I think the forged wheels on my 380 are the dogs.... however I also liked the diamond cut on the S... maybe it’s just me 😳

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3 hours ago, MrP_ said:

Thats why I'm fabricating grills :) 

Maybe forged wheels next but not convinced on the styling of the Lotus items, but yet to make up my mind. The back wheels look good, but not in love with the front wheel. Not a popular view I know. Will look properly later and see what's out in the market

I fully agree re the Lotus Forged wheels. I’ve never been a fan of the look. Will be going BC Forged when I eventually do swap wheels for that reason.

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The hardest part is actually getting the parts on time before adding in the delay of making it all fit 🙄 So getting stuff fitting spot on would take months, mostly due to the drip drop of supply. And too much margin on margin get in the way of getting it cost effective!

Trying to get something that actually does not need the work in the first place is the priority - seeing if I can find a manufacturer that would be able to get to the quality level in the first place, no idea if it'll pan out but worth investigating. My Carbon production extends to wet layup only and it would need a significant step up from that.We'll see if there is an alternative that would be viable

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48 minutes ago, alias23 said:

You forgot one major bit of your install summary... the 10-15 min idle and running in period to let the ECU learn 👍

Must say that engine bay is looking very nice with polishing! 

Yep don’t forget that! Car was idled for about 15 mins, no hunting or dying to report! Then 30 mins up and down the gears before you finally get to hear it as you take the revs up a bit. Adds a very nice sound above 3k  and beyond 😄.

Sharpens up the throttle nicely, and combined with the 2bular sounds spot on when opened up 👍.

Follow Imran’s guide and there will be no issue with MIL coming on 🙂

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18 minutes ago, alias23 said:

This is a cool idea although need more pics to see the whole of car etc... how did you bend the mesh so nicely. Working with mesh is one of my pet hates lol

That’ll wait as I’m preparing for a few other small bits and can’t be bothered to fit it all to take for a drive, bad I know.

As for bending the mesh, I’d love to share a magic secret, I just marked the lines I had to follow in terms of contours. Then bent by hand until it was there, didn’t use tools as I didn’t want to damage the mesh. 

The routine was measure, bend, check, bend again, trim, bend, cut hand and repeat till happy then wipe up blood 👍 It was not a quick job!

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Cheers mate. Definitely looks better going back through old pictures. I think the effect is more obvious on the Evora like you say as we only have one exposed rad on the drivers side, the centre rad is hidden so its just a black pit and on the pass side for non charge cooled cars we have a rather fetching sheet of plastic as a blanking plate!


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