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well i have well and truly been enjoying driving the car again.

1: suspension

the cars ride is great, feels firm and well grounded, minimal roll when going round corners or roundabouts.

can feel hard over a bump but when bedded in it will improve. the geometry needs setting up and camber/toe re-checked again, but this will be checked when i goto hethel.

2: cooling

the car never goes above the 90 mark on the temp guage, the fans kick in when they should and even on the hottest day i have taken it out in at standstill it still remained fine.

3: engine

its a killer only being allwed to take it to 3000 revs and no higher, but its for a good reason to bed the pistons in and the other parts. i have finally done the 500 miles needed before its first service , so all i need is to either go down to troy or for him to pop up before gaydon and get the first service done.

4: overall performance

the car runs great no hiccups really, one of the gear linkages came loose but that was an easy fix.

a few things to double check at the service to aliviate any fears i may have and alls well. thats the first 500 miles out of the way, only another 50,000 to go!!

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Congratulations again! Wish mine was as well sorted! Look forward to seeing car again (and you with it!) soon.




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Hi Si,

It's so good to hear you actually enjoying driving and looking after your car after all the misery it was bringing you before. It makes all the lying and skullduggery worth it :lol:


More speed, less haste

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