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380 Cup Service Schedule and Costs πŸ˜³β€‹β€‹β€‹β€‹β€‹β€‹β€‹


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I just took my Cup in for the 10,000KM service I got the full service schedule for it along with the cost of how much each service is gonna cost me and all I can think is wtf. According to the schedule, the cheapest service costs KD525 which is around 1,350GBP or 1,500 Euros. The biggest chunk of that cost goes to the "Manual Transmission Inline Filter" which for some reason needs to be changed at every service. Why?

Am I the only one that thinks paying at least 1,500 euros every 10,000KM is over the top? The prices in the excel sheet below are in KWD so multiply by 2.92 for Euros and 2.57 for pounds.




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Β£ouch! Does seem ridiculous but with the Cup cars they are assuming that you are ragging the hell out of them on track and on a regular basis. Does the 380 Cup have a gearbox cooler? Can't think of any other reason why a filter would be fitted and I think there's one on the 430 Cup.

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4 hours ago, ArthouseCompany said:

I don't know what a KWD is, but the official service interval for the Exige S/350 V6 is 15.000 km. Is that different for the 380 ?Β  Costs around 500-600 euros.Β 

Not got the 3+3+3 package from your dealer ? 3 years warranty and 3 free services.

I got 1+0, 1 year warranty 0 free service

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10 hours ago, vd9 said:

I've done full service two times so far and there was no such thing as transmission filter. Sport 350

350 doesnt have a gearbox oil cooler. So no oil filter

380 does have oil cooler with a filter in the system.

I Kno that supplier to lotus of these filters. Will ask for prices etc



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On 16/02/2019 at 14:09, Hangar 111 said:

The transmission filter is replace at 54,000 miles / 6 year service interval.

Note that on the Lotus baffled sump, as fitted to the 380 etc, the sump baffles are scheduled to be replaced every 2 years.


I really wonder why they would ever need replacement?Β  (the baffles)

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One question: during a service, a part from the above do they do something else?

Since I use the car on track I actually follow shorter intervals for oil change (3000-4000 km), and brake oil every year. What about the rest.. should I also do more frequent? And what?

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