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Noisy Nitrons ?

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Did anybody find the definitive answer for this? Mine do the same. Machining the bushes sounds odd but perhaps drilling out the holes in the top mount and fitting bigger bolts like are in the bottom of the shock with bigger bushing inserts might work?

Or has someone tried ptfe or black tape around the bolt shank to see if that has an effect?

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See my earlier post. I have no idea exactly what they did but Mark was a very happy bunny with whatever HPE did.  It sounded like a machining fault on the bushes but not sure what needed to be fixed.


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On 08/04/2020 at 23:43, The Fonze said:

Thanks Andy most appreciated, I have heard good things about HPE auto so will give Dan a call. Wonder if something as crude as wrapping the bolts (that go through the nitron bearing) with PTFE tape would take out a certain amount of slack and dampen the noise. Good info to have thank you!

Hi have you called Dan?

I'm curious also to get rid of this clonk noise.

I also have the same issue with my nitrons ntr46 one-way.

Sincerely Toni

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Hi Toni,

No unfortunately not I contact Dan on Facebook but didn’t get a reply regarding the Nitron bushings. I still think it’s an inherent design/valving flaw with the 1 way 46mm damper. Nitron openly admit they are noisy and by their own admission state converting them to 3 way solves it. 

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I fitted the fast road ones (evora na). I ended up sending them back to nitron for them to check and they returned them saying they were empty of gas.. I tried to probe them to ask if this was a problem at manufacture or they had leaked while they were sat on the shelf or something but they just said “now they are fixed”

They are 95% better but they are a little noisy on high frequency bumps when cold. It seems to settle down when they are a bit warmer.

Definitely better than the oem bilsteins everywhere else though.

They did offer for me to drop the car off and take a look but for the time being I just don’t have the time to go down that route.

I don’t think they sell that many fast road sets though. They seem to want to push the club sport ones and say they don’t have any issues with them so you will probably be fine.

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14 hours ago, dogtag114 said:

Just seeing this thread now as I am mid install of my Nitron Club Sports on an Evora 400.

I hope Nitron has sorted things out.  The manufacture date was 2022 so fingers crossed 👍.

They dont make the 46mm one way dampers now (Possibly 4-5 years since they did) Yours will be 40mm and they have always been a much quieter damper in operation than the 46mm version

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