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[eBay]Lotus Evora 414E Electric Car / Range Extender Only One Made By Lotus


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Even with h the huge development costs here is anyone really going to buy it at that price?

Always do sober what you said you'd do drunk - that will teach us to keep mouth shut!

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1 hour ago, Barrykearley said:

Simple to register I’d have thought. It is a car at the end of the day. Very worst case it’s an sva test

Hmmm - I'm not so sure it would be all that simple.

The SVA Scheme was replaced almost a decade ago with the slightly more complex IVA Scheme.  There are 2 levels of IVA inspection - 'Basic' and 'Normal' - and this vehicle will struggle to be considered under the far more straightforward 'Basic' process.  Firstly, because it is not an 'amateur built vehicle' (kit car), and secondly because Lotus will almost certainly not seek a 'Very Low Volume Production Vehicle' authorisation on your behalf (it would expose them to all sorts of potential legal actions should the car be involved in a crash).

So I reckon it would be subjected to the much more thorough 'Normal' IVA process which requires evidence of 'type approval' for many key components.  I'm sure you could find the necessary approvals for most of the 414E's engineering (it's an Evora after all!), but as this car is a 'one-off' car, then I seriously doubt that Lotus will have already gained 'type approval' for the powertrain (ultra-expensive destruction testing for the battery cells, etc.).  It's always worth asking the question though - Lotus could have used another manufacturers already 'type approved' powertrain in the build?  Unlikely, but who knows!

To me the car is more attractive to someone wanting to acquire the tech to use for their future production use, but then you'd have to ask yourself why Lotus abandoned the project after investing so much in it - it clearly didn't meet the requirements for them as a manufacturer, so is it any good?  And if it transpires that the tech is actually useful, then who holds the rights to it?  Have Lotus already tied their name to what they've done so far?

I like a good challenge, but this is far too much for me!

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