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A-Panel and Cant Rail removal

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Quick question for anyone who's pulled an interior out of an Esprit - I don't see any obvious fasteners for the A-Panels and cant rails. Is it a question of just pull and hope for the best, or am I missing the obvious. The bits marked 3,4 and 7 in diagram below. Have taken my brave pills and tackling my interior re-vamp. Cheers



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Cant rail sections .... secured by screws under seal in door shut .. ref items 5 - 6   Just unscrew and remove 

Screen pillar ( A-panel)  fixed by clips... ref Item 6    use trim tool ans flick loose..  (Can be tight and fiddly)

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I recently removed the A pillar trim on my S3 and it just pulled off, held in place by clips. It did require a fair bit of force but the trim is a reasonably sturdy GRP construction and at no time did it feel like it might be damaged.


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