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My new 2019 Lotus Exige Sport 410

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35 minutes ago, Tex said:

Wow! That would be a lot of fun.

That said, I honestly don't think it needs more power...yet.

R spec rubber, and a vbox to help tune me to the car would definitely cut down lap times significantly. 

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Hi guys, I picked up my first Lotus yesterday, and I'm still buzzing.  Shocked, would be an appropriate adjective to describe my experience with these cars.  The car is so good. I can't wait to g

Up at 4:30am this morning unable to sleep.  So I went for a drive and took a photo.  link to a pic without the weird compression 

Had an awesome time at the track yesterday getting a feel for the car and hassling some mates in Porsches.  I even got to drive on the track at the same time as my partner.  Flew by her twice. I

Wil, I remember seeing your car at SImply Sports Cars Lotus, my personal opinion is the 410 Exige is the sweet spot of the range. 

highly recommend you do one of the SSC Lotus only days, in particular the Bathurst Tack day, I did the event this year what a fantastic opportunity.  My time isn’t on there as I only did the drive section, I got times on the day but there not published here

The link is the times from the event


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I'm hoping to get Bart Mawer.  My partner had lots of time on the track with him, and I've watched back the incar video and listened to what he's saying.  She improved massively after he was in the car with her.

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I met Bart at the Bathurst day this year, sadly all the mentors were booked out when I made the decision to go.

I also recon the 410 Exige is the best value and livable of the group of V6 Exige's and If I was in the market now i would seriously consider one.

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Another pic.



Went to chase a sunrise on Saturday but was foiled by the clouds.



Then today got to meet up with Martin and a few others at Sydney Motorsports Park South Circuit.  Friendly bunch, and it seemed well organised and pretty chill.  Will definitely look at joining the next day at SMSP North!





(Hmmm, are all my pics loading for everyone, or are they not showing up on these posts?  I just noticed a bunch weren't, then I refreshed and then they popped up.)

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I can see the pics and they look great!

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Alcohol. Sex. Tobacco. Drugs. Chocolate.  Meh! NOTHING in this world is as addictive as an Evora +0. It's not for babies!    

The first guy to ride a bull for fun, was a true hero. The second man to follow him was truly nuts!   

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On ‎12‎/‎03‎/‎2019 at 18:50, wilchelus said:

Our Aussie spec differs slightly from the UK spec.  The side pods aren't the larger CF ones (I plan to change this), front splitter isn't CF (I don't mind...I would be worried that a CF splitter would explode on me), and non CF seats as far as I can tell (bummer).  Otherwise, all else is the same.

You are right, the Aussie spec is different:

"Lotus Cars Australia has confirmed it will offer the Exige Sport 410 Down Under, priced from $159,990 before on-road costs.

The version headed Down Under will adopt a "slightly altered specification" compared to the vehicle revealed in May, however.

Aussie Exige Sport 410's will get sports seats like the ones in the Exige Sport 350, rather than the carbon-fibre racing buckets standard overseas, though the latter will be available as an option.

The carbon-trimmed components for the front splitter, wing blades and rear diffuser will also be trimmed in glass-fibre reinforced plastic (GFRP) for our market, while the lithium-ion battery of global versions will be substituted for a standard battery.

Australian versions will come equipped with air-conditioning as standard, in a nod to our warm climate.

Remaining constant is the powertrain, a 3.5-litre supercharged V6 tuned to deliver 410hp (306kW) at 7000rpm and 420Nm of torque from 3000-7000rpm. 

Other highlights include chassis, suspension and damper tunes nicked from the limited-run Exige Cup 430, including a revised setup for the three-way Nitron dampers for a "road bias [that suits] the car's revised aerodynamic setup".

There's also Eibach adjustable front and rear anti-roll bars, 17-inch front and 18-inch ultra-lightweight forged alloys shod in Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 rubber (215/45 front and 285/30 rear), AP Racing brakes with four-piston front calipers and two-piece J-hook discs."

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