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newby needs inspiation to start restoration


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hello all

I bought a basketcase s2 esprit about 10 years ago and haven't

started putting it back together yet. It is a complete, undamaged

16,000 mile car but the engine had been removed and partially

disassembled presumably for modification. I have over the

years purchased some performance parts such as aluminum

flywheel and the dual dellorto 45s.

I have also been kicking around the idea of an engine swap

using a low mileage contour svt 2.5l v6 as long as it wouldn't

alter the car in such a way as that it couldn't be returned to stock.

One thing that is obvious that needs to be replaced is the rear

shocks as they appear to be damaged. any suggestions

on replacements?

Thanks, Dave

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Guest teigan

i'd hate to give out irresponsible inspiration, so first some questions:

1] do you have mad amounts of mad money?

2] do you have loads of spare hours

3] do you have an understanding girlfriend(or wife)

if all three are yes, then you're in for some fun. whatever you do, it sounds like that S2 ended up with the right owner. welcome to the club.

as for the shocks, there's a brand called spacks(maybe spax) which makes a replacement. i'd go with the simple stock equipment though, because all the fancy stuff tends to fail.

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Dave,you have had it in a pile of bits for 10yrs! ;) Looks like you had better get your ass in gear and get working on her , it wont restore itself(as you have already noticed) ;) You will have to disapline yourself to work on it a t least a couple of hours a day or it will never get done. My accountant(car nut like me) has 6 cars all in pieces ( inc. a 65 Vette roadster, 67 Mustang fastback, a Bricklin and a 65 Galaxie Fastback), none of which will ever be re-assembled as he is too lazy( the bum) :angry:p.s. dont put that Ford engine in it, the 907 Lotus on Dellortos will get the job done (in style) :P

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If you whack a V6 in there you will probably NEED to use different dampers and springs as it will no doubt weigh a lot more than the old four pot.

It will also move the centre of gravity signifcantly backwards and play with what the Esprit does best... the handling.

I have heard of people putting Honda VTech engines in early cars too.

"When I was a kid I used to pray every night for a new bicycle. Then I realised that the Lord doesn't work that way so I stole one and asked him to forgive me."


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Need to quit spending so many unproductive hours looking

at ebay for parts, pictures of cars and naked ladies on the

internet and get out in the shop and spin some wrenchs!

WayneB, I am like your accountant in being a "static" car

nut. My static collection includes detomaso mangusta, 911T,

s1 etype coupe, cobra replica. spitfire, 308gtb.

Purchasing a distressed restorable vehicle is easy in comparison

to actually getting it finished. Most of my projects could be drivable

w/o much work but I think it a shame to drive a car with poor


I am leaning toward putting the original engine back.

teigan, where is the best place to purchase shocks?

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Guest teigan

mail order is the only option nowadays. i try to be be loyal to JAE in goleta,california. where are you located? custom shocks might also be something to consider if you can find someone reputable.

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I put adjustable Koni shock absorbers on my car. I painted them blue to look like the stock Armstrongs. I got them from Demon Tweaks in the U.K. They are expensive ,and would normally have used Spax, which I have used with good results in the past, but have been reciently reading lots of shocking things about them leaking in a very short time after installation ;) Interesting collection especially the Mangusta ;)


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Thanks for the picture of the 'goose' Wayne. That car has some things in

comon with the early esprit in that Giugiaro designed the body and it

also has a backbone box section frame. Mine originally was a native of

Michigan like the one in the picture. It was mechanically very fit when

I parked it in my shop about 18 years ago. I quit driving it because upon

preparation for paint a lot of corrosion was discovered in the doors, rocker

panels and floors.

Teigan, I will call JAE about those shocks.Thanks!

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Guest teigan

happy to help. JAE aren't the cheapest, but they are true esprit enthusiasts and in most cases they've done the same repair you're attempting. you won't be passed off a parts counter lady on the phone. please post detailed photos of your restoration process.

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