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Will i fit?


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 If you fit in your '83 ok, I would expect that you will fit into a V6 fairly easily. Like Austen says though, go and sit in one and have a test drive.

All we know is that when they stop making this, we will be properly, properly sad.Jeremy Clarkson on the Esprit.

Opinions are like armpits. Everyone has them, some just stink more than others.

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Long legs or long back?

If you are long legged its fine, long back less so. I am only 6'0" and its a squeeze as I have a long torso so head height is very restricted.

I know people who are 6'4" who fit in fine as their height is in their legs

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I fit fine, I'm only 6ft 1, but getting in and out is hard. Only way I can do it is to basically reverse the getting in process to get out.

Right leg out, stand up, use steering wheel to balance and then "walk" backwards.
Tried doing it the "normal" way and just hit my head a lot of the time. My better half is about 5 ft 9 or 10... we have the same length leg, so I think I'm mostly torso as she looks in proportion hahaha
The other issue is feet - I'm either a size 12 or 13 depending on the shoe, so foot room is at a premium, I drive in socks as my normal shoes don't fit. 

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I’m 6 ft 2 and I have to slump slightly to see everything properly.  You’ll fit fine but the top of your view out the windscreen will be cut off, possibly too much.  Less of a problem with the hardtop removed as it’s the extra bit of interior that clamps the hardtop on that cuts into the view first.

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6'3" here and I fit no problem, although I am perfectly formed in the leg:body ratio department :lol:

If it's easier for you to find an S2 or S3 Elise to sit in the cabin is virtually identical so if you fit in there you should be ok in a V6.

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I’m also 6’4” and I fit. mine is left hand drive, so my knee isn’t against the gearstick on the motorway. I keep thinking about removing or replacing the rear view mirror, or swapping the seats for Tilletts, but it’s standard for now..

size 48 feet, I can drive in sensible trainers, unlike my caterham which I could only drive in race shoes.

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