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Gearbox top-up


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;) a main dealer has at sometime stripped the square head off my gearbox filler/level plug i need to get the thing out(proving difficult)in the mean time i need to drop 3lt ish into the box i was thinking of filling it via the reverse light switch hole anyone know if this is poss.also the right hand bank on my v8 splutters a lot more than the left it's got no cats(problem there before)coil packs are new,new plugs,new magnecore leads compression test o.k running out of idears can anyone help.
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Guest teigan

use a good flatfile to resquare that plug. the metal is soft, so it shouldn't take long. don't bother filling from the switch opening. the time it takes to clean up the resulting mess, will be way more than the time it takes to file the plug. i usually file down to the next smaller socket size on a hex; but on a square, you can just fit the adjustable spanner. once the plug is off, you can neaten it up and not have to buy a new one.

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Using the reverse light switch might be possible. Thing is it sits right again the reverse shifter shaft so the oil might drain past it *real* slow.

Regards getting the old plug out can you file or angle grind two faces on to it? Or you could use a screw extractor, e.g. EZ Out. It's like a reverse threaded tap. You first drill a hole into the plug and the tap the hole. Being reverse threaded turning counter-clockwise screws the extractor further into the hole until it can't go any further and the plug itself then gives and unscrews. They just but a new plug.

Finally the right bank. Is this at idle? Unless it's severe I'd say don't worry - they all do that. No idea why. I heard this from at least 5 V8 owners. Certainly mine does. Having no cats (and perhaps no silencer?) makes it more noticable...


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